Who Am I? Who Are you?

Who am I?

A couple weeks ago I was talking to a friend and she asked me who I was. I started to list off my accomplishments, graduating high school, moving out, and she stopped me and said “no, not what have you done, but who are you.” And honestly that got my mind thinking. Who am I? Sounds simple, but truthfully answering that question is hard. So here’s what I came up with.

Who am I?

1. I’m honest.
When I say I’m honest, I’m not saying i haven’t told my fare share of lies, because my mom would tell you other wise. But when it come down to it, I am a honest person. I will tell you if you have bad breath or if something doesn’t look good, or if you didn’t do a good job. The definition of honest is “free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.” Anyone that knows me, knows that I try my hardest to be truthful about everything.

2. I’m trustworthy.
Again, not in the way that I’ve never told a secret to someone (usually my mom) but for the most part, I’m not the girl spreading rumors about you. I’m the girl people come to when they need help because they know I won’t tell a soul about it. I’m the girl that knows everyone’s secrets but I keep them to myself. Basically I’m the bartender to life. I keep my word, I keep your secrets and I knock rumors that aren’t true.

3. I’m a loner.
When I say that in a loner, I’m not saying I don’t have friends, because I have plenty of friends. I’m saying that I enjoy being alone, enjoy my own company. I’ve always been this way, in high school I had three really good friends and a boyfriend that I hung out with all the time, but outside of them I only had two other friends that I really hung out with. I knew almost everyone and everyone knew me, but I never felt the need to interact with everyone. I can remember at lunch I would sit alone because I wanted to, in classes I wasn’t talking to anyone, but because I wanted to. I enjoy my own company.

4. I’m optimistic.
Basically I’m always thinking about option three, four and ten. I’m always thinking “okay but what if this happens” or “but this could happen”. I never take things at face value, I know there’s something more, something different, or something that could happen.

5. I’m a goof.
I’m a goof but usually in the worst possible moments. One time in high school, my math teacher was yelling at the class because nobody did the homework, and usually when teachers yell, kids stay quite. Not me, I’m having to hold back my fit of laughter. I was told once that my laugh is contagious, and honestly it kind of is. I’ve noticed this before that when I laugh, everyone laughs. I make myself the butt of most my jokes, but I’m having a good time. So when I say I’m goof, I’m talking about the fact that I can have fun, not because I’m cracking jokes.

So, who are you? Have you ever really taken the time to think about it? It’s kind of weird to sit and think about who you are, because most everyone goes straight to saying what they accomplished in life, but those accomplishments aren’t necessarily who you are. So take a few minutes, think about it, and remember it. One day it maybe worth something.

Love, Megan Anne
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