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10 Gift Idea’s for White Elephant Parties | BLOGMAS DAY 3

Happy day 3 of Blogmas! So, how many of y’all are going to be going to a “White Elephant” party this year? Personally, I go to about 2 a year, and they are always the most frustrating thing in the world because “gender neutral” gifts are a pain in the ass of to get. But after a few years of this, and a few years of looking around, I think I can finally  give some ideas as what to get.


 **Just a side note: these are affiliated links, I do get commission off of these but is no extra cost to y’all.**

  1. Gift cards!
    This sounds so basic, but you can always do a cute box to go with it and nothing is better than getting a gift card so you can use it how you like it. Now you can get cards for anywhere, but even better is an Amazon card! That way the can get whatever it is they like.
    Click here to find out about Amazon Gift cards!
    Check out this website to get some cheap/discounted gift cards! I’ve used this website so many time!

2. A Bag Of Marshmallows!
The best kind are lucky charms! And did y’all know you can get a giant bag on Amazon? Well, know you do!
Check this out HERE! 91ryylz0lpl-_sy679_

3. This USA beer cap holder!
This is more on the expensive  side, but who doesn’t love beer? This is perfect for a gift because if the person who get it doesn’t like, they can just give it to their boyfriend/husband/friend/brother/etc.
Check out the USA Beer Cap Map HERE!61swf2aea8l-_sl1000_

4. Something for the desk!
This product is so cute, and perfect for everyone! Basically, you can write and erase how you are feeling that day, and every day! Make for the perfect gift when you don’t know who will be getting your gift.
Check this product out HERE!

5. A Dish and Dip Bowl!
This is so perfect for people who love to eat chips and salsa (like, everyone). It’s so basic but so perfect! (Obv. from Texan who loves chips and salsa)
Check out the Melamine Dish and Dip Bowl here!71v88gxp4fl-_sl1000_

6. The Daily Mood Desk Flipchart!
This is such a cool idea (and I actually got it for a secret Santa that I’m doing this year)! Basically, you can set it on your desk and then flip through it to find the mood you are in and then anyone who see it will know if you are pissy or not!
Check this product HERE!81rnc6tv92l-_sl1500_

7. Giant Yard Dice! 
Now this is defiantly more on the expensive side, but if you are feeling it, this would be great for a gift!
Check out the Giant Wooden Yard Dice HERE!71v5jszrnl-_sl1500_

8. Knock Knock: Self Help Dispenser OR Knock Knock: Fortune Dispenser
These are honestly just so cute, and such a simple idea! This could also be a gag gift!
Check Out the Knock Knock Self-Help Dispenser HERE!
Check out Knock Knock Fortune Dispenser HERE!

9. Self Stirring Mug!
It’s a mug, that stirs itself (I may so just buy this for myself!)
Check out the Self Stirring Coffee Mug HERE!51oeqmrcb6l

10. F in Exams Book!
I actually got this book as a gift when I graduated high school, and it was so funny! From time to time, I still pick it up and read a few pages!
Check out the F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers Book HERE!515acch-0ll

 **Just a side note: these are affiliated links, I do get commission off of these but is no extra cost to y’all.**

Hope y’all are ready for the next 22 days worth of fun/Christmas related post!

Love, Megan Anne
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