What The Beach Taught Me

If you don’t know (which would be shocking because it’s literally all I’ve been talking about on my Twitter & Instagram lately!), I went to the beach a few weeks back. I went down to Surfside Beach, Texas. Which is much different than any other beach that I have ever been to. It was kind of like a small beach town, in a sense that there are commercial places, every store or place is local and that is just so cool. And let’s talk about this beach, in comparison to Galveston, it is much bigger! So on this beach, there is so much more opportunity to really reflex because there’s just more space.
re meant to be quick moments in your life that you can then look back on and remember as great times in your life. I know personally, I always want to go back to a vacation and I’ve even said before that I want to live the vacation lifestyle but the reality is that if it lasted forever, it would no longer be a vacation and that magic would be gone.

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The beach can make you feel so small.

When standing on the shore, looking out into the Gulf of Mexico, I realized that I am just a small little pea in comparison to this huge ocean. I stood there watching the waves crashing in and I couldn’t help but feel at awe of the beauty. In awe of the wonder that is the ocean. Ever look at the ocean and think, “how?” because, yeah me too. The ocean is a mystery We haven’t even been able to explore all of the ocean because it is just that large.

I need to reflex more.

For a very long time now, I have been so stressed and unfocused on what I need to be focused on. Maybe it was the salt water, maybe it was the calm of the waves, maybe it was the laughter or maybe I’m crazy, but something about it was so relaxed that I was finally able to clear my head and really think about life and about what I really want in my life. It made me realize a few thing and open my eyes to a few things I wasn’t ready to understand or accept. I to this realization that I need to start really focusing on a career and building my future life because I am not getting any younger. Reflexing is something I am now making sure I have time to do and I am currently finding ways to really maximize this.

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With the calm, there is a storm. With the storm, there is a calm.

Ever thought about the calmness that comes after a storm? I hadn’t really let is sink in but I will say that there was something soothing about the calming before a storm and after the storm. There are going to be hard times, you will work a job that you may not love and you may have to make it work. But it will work, that’s what the calmness is. It’s the day that you graduate or you land the dream job. With every storm, there is calm. Calm will always find you.

The pictures are beautiful.

But they will never capture all that makes it beautiful, it’s just not possible. I took almost 500 photos in 3 days, and they still do not capture all the wonderful moments and scenes that make the beach, the beach. It’s not a possible thing, it’s not possible to even explain to anyone how beautiful it is because it’s unexplainable. And that’s what makes it such a wonderful place because you have to see it to believe it.

Have you ever been to the beach?

Even have a life changing moment?

Love, Megan Anne

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5 thoughts on “What The Beach Taught Me”

  1. I love the beach, the sounds, the motion. I don’t go near enough…so calming, I always come home renewed.

  2. I think there’s something about being at the beach that really makes you realize that you’re a part of something so much bigger on this earth. And somehow that makes us turn inward and reflect on our lives. I love the beach. I’m fortunate to be able to live really close to one and sometimes after a really stressful day I just go and sit on the beach and decompress.

  3. What a lovely post! I totally agree with you, the beach is really relaxing. I was at Hastings beach in the UK a few days ago. It was so nice to take some time out and eat chips for lunch on the sand!


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