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What’s In My Bag? | Guest Post by Lydia Wilkins


My name is Lydia, and I blog at ; here, I document my life with Asperger’s syndrome – as a way to be a bit creative, hopefully, raise some awareness, and for me to write. (I post daily, in pursuit of the 365-day challenge.) I am also a Columnist for my local paper and a trainee Journalist. For this guest post, I thought I’d share ‘What’s in my bag? bag in all its glory!

Behold… my bag in all its glory!My bag-lets call him ‘Steve’ for the

My bag-lets call him ‘Steve’ for the moment – has to be multi-functional; it has to be boxy for matters of practicalities and to match the way I dress. But, it has to have enough room for all my things; I inhibit different roles, and the bag needs to help this. I’m a Journalism student, Blogger, Tourist, Museum-goer. So: it needs to cope with a lot (!)On a day to day basis, the contents of my bag can change a lot; I have classes three times a week, meaning that I have to cart around

On a day to day basis, the contents of my bag can change a lot; I have classes three times a week, meaning that I have to cart round textbooks, exercise books, pens, pencils. This boxy ‘tote’ is from Primark-it was £12-but possibly needs replacement soon, as it can hurt my shoulder. (Backpacks are more practical for this, but they aren’t easy to instantly access and are a bit kitsch, I think for me. I have yet to find one that ‘suits me’. Any suggestions for bags I could invest in? I adore Topshop bags.)The essentials:

The essentials: Essentials are what is virtually always in my

Essentials are what is virtually always in my bag because they need to be carted around with me, no exceptions. My Purse has my cards, coins, train tickets, railcard. Likewise: Keys. Wednesdays I get home at about 10 pm, so they are needed. (Plus, they have a mirror!) My Phone is also essential; I’m a trainee Journalist, for goodness sake! I email on the go, field texts, keep up with social media for my blog, and sync my calendar with relatives. Finally: Dr. Paw Paw; this multipurpose lip balm can do anything. (Don’t believe me? I wrote this post of ‘hacks’.) Sometimes I also chuck in a Benefit mascara-if I need a ‘pick me up’.

Dr Paw Paw Hacks.


I have Aspergers Syndrome, meaning that I keep myself organized, otherwise it could end in a meltdown. So: Filofax! This has every piece of my life planned-and I would be lost without it. It has my dairy-to keep track of assignments, deadlines, blog posts, birthdays; a section for my blog, where I plan posts, keep track of projects; an ‘info’ section for event details,  a tracker for my course expenses; ‘info’ for event details; a finance tracker, and a wallet for vouchers. I also have about six pens in one pocket at any given time-y’know, just in case.

Other additions:

As I said, my bag and its contents change a lot; other additions include textbooks-you can see my Shorthand book in the photo above-and my lunch on a Saturday. I also have a book or magazine for a long train journey.What do you keep in your bag?

What do you keep in your bag?

Hope y’all enjoyed this guest post, here is the link to my guest post on her blog:


Love, Megan Anne

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  1. Love this post! I can relate to it a lot since I am also a student and I have to walk around with my laptop as well as personal things. Also, I am a big believer in having an organize bag!
    To Read With Tea

  2. I love reading what’s in my bag posts. This was so much fun to read! My bag has so much stuff in it and I’m not the best at keeping organized. It’s something I’ve been working on and I’ve definitely gotten better at it over the past couple of months.

    Turquoise and Chaos

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