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One thing that has basically happened my entire life is that I have very vivid dreams and when I say vivid, I mean I can remember details that you most defiantly shouldn’t be able to. Sometimes, when the dreams are happy, I can’t remember them but when the dreams are dark and twisted I can remember details that I hadn’t even fully realized.

Now I want to say before we get into this, that this is a dream. So sometimes dreams just do not make sense or they may mimic a story line from something I may have watched. I woke up gasping for air this morning, literally had to write this down before I could forget any of it and honestly I spent all day picturing it, as if it was a movie.

Obviously, you aren’t in my head and you can not believe me if you like. But I promise to you, this is 100% what I wrote when I first woke up and also exactly what I dreamed:

“at first I was in some sort of backyard & I didn’t pass a college test, something like that, so I’m hiding. But it’s muddy, so I keep losing my shoes. And all these other people are hiding too but because I keep losing my shoes, they won’t keep my hidden for some reason. So then the head people, or maybe security come & find me. They throw me out into the world and I guess there aren’t safe places where I am so I hitch a ride with a random guy but I have to dress “manly”, so I learn how to shoot a guy & I chopped my hair off. And then we start the journey across the country or to where every is safe. I tell him “hey let’s stop there, I have to pee”. When we’re getting out, he hands me a gun and knife and says “you use these to get out of whatever you need to” and I shake my head okay. While we’re in the gas station or store, we here a loud yelling & it turns out that the Building next to the gas station is a military (I think Nazi) training thing but it’s religious, so we hide in this other room and these people are walking in and out, confessing sins. This girl walks in, & I immediately recognize her as my best friend from school. And she starts to say “I’m homophobic” and she makes eye contact with me. She starts bawling & her eyes get big. Next thing I hear “I JUST WANT YOU TO KILL THE LITTLE GIRL!” And instead, she walks out & gets shot. Then all hell breaks loose in the room, no one is shooting but just staring at us. And then we start fighting & I guess I get out of the room & I see the car. I make a run for it but I don’t get to it before I get sliced with a blade. I turn around and start shooting. I turn the guy around bc I don’t want to see his face while I kill him. He laughs and says “You don’t even know what side it’s on” talking about his heart. He turns back around and I start shooting at his face. I basically think I’ve killed him when I hear sirens and he says “oh look the cops are here.” I turn around and once I turn back, he’s run over to a bunch of power cords & it’s pouring gas on them, so I scream “no!” And then he lights them on fire & everything burst into flames. And almost like a bomb, everything goes up. And I died.”

I literally woke up in a cold sweat, gasping for air and I almost felt as if I hadn’t slept at all. About half way though the dream was when I realized that I was dreaming but I was really not capable of doing anything other than following the story line. So let’s talk about the first part a little more:

I was at a college (I have no idea which one) and it wasn’t that I kept losing my shoes, I just didn’t have shoes for some reason. Because I didn’t have shoes, that made me the easy target? Basically, everyone that had failed this test was forced outside and then someone had to leave, kind of like the Bachelor where they weed people out, this was kind of like that. But I guess shoes were important? Maybe it could be taken as like “you wouldn’t be dumb if you had shoes on in the mud” or even “you’re different and so you must go.” This part doesn’t really bother me, but the fact that I get “thrown” out into “unsafe” world is what kind of bothers me. Now we see this is in my stories/movies, where there are areas that are safe but this must have been really bad because it was punishment.

Moving on to the next part:

Meeting up with a random guy, hitchhiking basically, make no sense. If you think about it, I’m in an “unsafe” area, why would I think it was smart to hitch hick. And the whole, “you have to act manly” is also something that is mind boggling, I mean, we aren’t in the old days where women were repressed, but I guess my dream is? I’m not sure. Now I know this could also be looked at a few way, “she wants to be manly” or “she’s trying to be independent” or “maybe it’s her subconscious telling her to like boys”. I have no honest idea but it really does sound like one of the stories from the 50’s or earlier, where women are super repressed. Also, this guy was hot. Like movie actor hot, and man would I not mind having him in my real life! Also, he taught me how to shoot a gun, how freaking cute!

The last part of this crazy story is that I was at a gas station with this guy going to the bathroom and I remember this part the most.

So basically we are in the gas station and as I’m walking out thinking that we are good and are going to get on the road. This guy and I are looking at something on a shelf and then we hear a loud banging sound, followed by yelling. Obviously in our mind we are like “okay time to go…” but as soon as we walked out we realized that we weren’t going to be going anywhere, so we end up in another room and we start trying to find somewhere to hide. This guy runs and hides in a closet and I hide under a table, not realizing that you can clearly see me from the door if you looked the correct way. A few people walk in and we start to think that we’re in the clear but then a girl walks in and I immediately recognize her as my best friend from school, in the dream. And then she starts to say “I’m homophobic” but as soon as she says it, she sees me. Her eyes shot up, and her mouth was hanging open, tears streaming down her face and she mouths “I’m sorry”. In walks this man, who looks like he could kill. Something about this man screams deadly, and he just looks fearless. He looks like the kind of guy you do not fuck with, period. He walks in and yells “I JUST WANT YOU TO KILL THE LITTLE GIRL!” And I realize that he knows I’m here and that I’m running. He then kills the girl and turns back around, I assume searching for me and I take my chance and I run. I get out the door and the car is in sight but it isn’t long before I feel a blade slash across my shoulder. In shock, I stop and turn around to the man. He’s smiling and almost laughing with his eyes. I grab the gun and start firing. Now for some reason, I remember I couldn’t stand that I was killing this human being, so I violently turn him around and just start going to town. I shoot across his whole back and all the while he’s taunting me, saying “you don’t even know where it is, do you?” Almost like his heart wasn’t in the normal place or maybe that he didn’t have one. I then turned him around and started shooting at his head, but nothing is happening. He’s laughing The bullets are going through but he’s not dying. He’s just laughing. In the distance you can hear sirens and he says “I guess the cops are here” and I turn around to look but when I turn back around I don’t find him in front of me but instead he’s standing by some power cords, pouring gasoline. I scream out “NOOO!” But all in the same second he lights them and it catches fire. In the next second, it’s like a movie, where the bomb goes off and you can see the waves. And everything went up in flames.

And that’s when I was thrust awake. All in all, I have no idea what the dream could possibly mean. I just don’t. It seems like it has multiple messages and maybe in some backward way they all go together but if you have any ideas, please let me know!

What do you think? Ever have dreams like this?

Love, Megan Anne

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