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The Top 4 Apps I Use For Instagram (Story, Feed Planning & Editing)

Instagram is my favorite social media site because you can really do a lot with it. Not only is it great for pulling in readers or viewers or customers, but it’s also a way to show off some of your creative skills. But, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. whether its because you see these amazing feeds or because you see really well-edited photos, it’s a lot sometimes. That’s why I’m going to be giving y’all a few apps that I have been loving lately!

  1. Planoly – this app is AMAZING for planning out your feed in advanced. It’s also really nice because it actually will count how many hashtags you have listed. As many of you know, you can use up to 30 tags per photo but even I know that it gets annoying to try and count them. So this really helps to make sure you’re not going too overboard.
  2. Hype Type – This has become one of my favorite apps to use for my story! This is an app that adds animated words + music to your photo/video. I personally use it a lot to add music to clips sometimes. But it’s really great to change up your normal story. It is free but it does have a watermark.

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  3. Square Ready Video or Photo – These are two different apps but both are used all the time. The video app I actually use to post videos to my Instagram story that wasn’t taken in the last 24 hours. Yes, it’ll add the white bars to the side but once you open your story page, it’ll fit to the right size.
  4. Hashtagger – This app is a way to get relevant tags for your photos. We all know that hashtags really help to get our photos seen, and this is a really great way to make sure that you are only using hashtags that are actually worth your times. Ones that are actually being used by others.

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We all love Instagram but we all have our own issues with it. Hopefully, a few of these apps will help to get you back into it!

What app do you use for your Instagram game?

Love, Megan Anne

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  1. Thank you for sharing those apps! I have to check out hype type & hashtagger for sure! I mainly use Preview app which I love.

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