Short Story: Today Will Be The Day

There was this girl, simple, classy, and yet I never knew her name. I saw everyday, on the stairs, in the hallway, at lunch. She was the most beautiful girl in the entire world. Yet nobody knew who she was. Some how she was not known, some how she had no friends. I think about her all the time, her long brown hair, her deep green eyes, her tanned skin. She’s a beauty. Everyday, I walk past her and I think “I’ll say hello today” and yet, I never do. When I see her, my heart all but stops and I lose all hope. She looks at me, but never smiles. At least not with her lips, her eyes lighten up. I know she sees me, so why do we never talk?

Today will be the day. I will stop and I will talk to her. Today will be the day.

The day is great, it’s sunny and breezy. Today will be the day. What do I say? Is “Hello, I love you” to much? Okay, so maybe just a “hello” will do. As I’m walking down the stairs, I see her. She’s so beautiful. God, what am I gonna do. Okay, deep breath “hello.” There it is, I said hello to her. Do I stop and wait, or do I keep walking? What do I do now? I didn’t think this threw. Okay, stop. She totally heard me, okay she’s smiling. Oh gosh, she’s actually smiling at me.

“Hello.” Before I ask her name, before I could even think, she was gone. In a flash. Just like that. And I’m left standing on the stairs, with the stupidest grin and strangest feeling.




Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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Today Will Be The Day