To My Bullies

To the girls who made my life hell, but always  made me realize how great I actually am. I was the target because I was different. I was short, and frumpy. I didn’t have any real style, and basically made myself the target. Even though back then I didn’t think it was a good thing, now looking back I can really see how much I changed over the years.

Thanks to y’all I grew a thick skin. Seriously now the bulling wouldn’t bother me a bit.

Thanks to y’all I truly realized that being a little different wasn’t a bad thing. Being different is actually something that I embraced. And I was never different in the way that I listened to “not cool” music, or didn’t have the cooler things. I was bullied because I wasn’t a certin ethicty. Because I was pale, with light hair and blue eyes. I was “different” because I didn’t fit in with everyone else.

Thanks to my bullies, I can advocate that it does end. That it does get better. That it does, and will end. That the things y’all said mean nothing to me now.

So, I’m here to say thanks to my bullies for making me be okay with being me.


Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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To My Bullies