Tips For Living Alone

I’ve always been kind of a loner, well okay, not a loner but I enjoy being alone, in my company. It never bothered me to do my own thing, never. So at 20 years old, I made the decision to move out my mom’s home, and live on my own. Moving out for the first time is incredibly scary, basically marking that you’re an adult. So imagine moving out for the first time, and living by yourself. It’s actually quite terrifying to think about.

I scoured the internet (pinterest) for tips on living alone, I even looked up videos (youtube). Now there are some post, and some videos, but there isn’t much. So here I am to give you so tips for my experience!

  1. Get used to weird noises.
    Here’s the thing, apartments make weird noises, especially if it’s a small space, you will hear your neighbors. And sometimes you don’t realize it’s them. You will here the showers, cabinets closing. Also, things like the AC turning on, tends to be pretty loud. Sometimes, there are noises that you can’t even identify, but usually it’s from outside. There is ALWAYS a reasonable explanation, and usually it’s outside.
  2. Learn to grocery shop by your mom.
    The reason I say by your mom, is because that’s the only person I ever saw grocery shop. Really you could follow anyone, but what I mean is that it’s good to know how to grocery shop. The first couple times I went, I never got things I needed. For like the first few months, I was constantly going to the store to get things I didn’t have. So here’s what I go by: make a list, follow the list, organize stuff in the cart, and remember that not all foods last!
  3. Have a good, cheap sandal.
    Having a good, cheap sandal is good for when killing bugs, that’s it.
  4. Remember that you don’t have to say yes to everyone who wants to come over.
    When I first moved out, I was constantly having people over, and at first it was cool because this was all new, but that gets old, quick. So after probably a month or so, of people asking to come over, and staying way to long, I realized that I didn’t have to let people come over. Learning how to just say “no, I kind of want to be alone today” or even just a white lie “oh, I’m out today”, will do you some serious good in the end.

Those are just a few tips that I have, there are so many more that I could tell. For now that’s all! If any of these are helpful, let me know in the comments below!

Love, Megan Anne
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Tips For Living Alone