Story Time: I Dated A Tool


Hi, so this is a different type of post. And I don’t really know if this will get a good response because truly, it’s just a story.

Okay now that, that is over, let’s get to the story. So I dated a fuck boy. Now when I say dated, I don’t mean like I was his girlfriend, well, he called me his girlfriend but I never called him my boyfriend. He was just a guy that I slept with, yep, you read that right. So does everyone know what a fuck boy is? Okay, a fuck boy is a “man” who is a tool. But like, to the 100th degree. So this guy, I won’t say his name because I’m not that chick, but when I first met him, I knew that he was a fuck boy. We met and I think we went to the park or something, and he was like “yeah, I’m a sex addict”. Literally, the first thing I was told “sex addict”. I was like okay, what the fuck ever. Like this dude just wants to fuck me, and he doesn’t have to go threw this.

I swear, this isn’t a story of how stupid I was, or me telling y’all I’m easy. But at this point, I was going threw a break up and I wanted to just forget, okay? okay.

So anyways, I met this guy, he tells me he’s a sex addict, and I’m like whatever. He says that and I think he realizes that I’m like whatever. So, he doesn’t ever bring that up again, and then in the same conversation, he tells me about how he was at this park and got “jumped”. Look, I’m so not obvious to gangs and guys being idiots, but this park is probably one of the most populated parks, and it’s a family park. I know, all parks are family parks technically, but like this isn’t just a technicality, it is like a true, in the middle of a neighborhood, next to an elementary school, family park. So I’m like whatever. So as time goes on, I’m just kind of not feeling him. But he is relentless, so a week later or so, we’re still talking and he say’s “come over, I’ll make you dinner.” And I’m 18, and kind of dumb, so I’m like okay sure. So I have dinner, and he is super charming, I mean, so charming it’s scary. We sleep together, but what else happens. We sleep together and he’s pretty good in bed.

I know, again with the making myself sound easy, but I swear I’m really not.

So, anyways, we sleep together, and he’s really good. So I’m like okay, well, I want to do that again. Now he was the kind of guy who was like “let me go bare” “it’s not spontaneous” “it ruins the moment” and I’m like, uh hunny, we aren’t doing that. Because that’s my one rule, I don’t sleep with anyone with out a condom, because I am not trying to have a kid. Especially when I was 18. So, that doesn’t happen. This whole “relationship” last for like, three months.

He wanted a relationship to have sex, and I was like dude, that’s so not necessary.

We’re coming up on October, and back then my friends and I loved to go to Freight Fest (and if you don’t know what that is, it’s like Halloween fest at Six Flags, amusement park). So we go, but mind you he lets me pay for his ticket. Now yes, I’m a dumb chick who offered, but what guy lets a girl he just started “dating” pay for that. That’s like $50. So, we go, now obviously, we are with my friends, and I want them to like him, and he is doing everything in his power to disgust them and me. And I’m just kind of like what in the hell is going on. Let me tell you what this “man” was doing.

  1. He was stretching himself, and not like his arm, like literally in his pants. Yes. It was gross, and exsesive, and then he wanted to hold my hand. Like “what is wrong in your head?”
  2. He was being incredibly rude. I can handle sassy, and I can understand being rude to someone that deserves it, but he was being so rude, it wasn’t even cool.
  3. He had me pay for everything and didn’t offer at all. Okay, so yes, back then I offered, but AGAIN what MAN lets a WOMEN pay for his shit? I mean, really. I’m all girl power, pay for myself, handle myself, but like what even.

Pretty much after this day, I was so turned off, and my friends were like “Megan, he’s a loser, a tool, a fuck boy.” And I’m like yeah, he is. But yet, I’m still this stupid girl who can’t stop thinking about the sex we had, and I still want to have sex with him (why?), so I’m still sleeping with him for about two weeks after that, and then finally I’m over it, I’m done. He invites me to a party and I’m almost tempted to not go, because I really didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of people that I don’t even know. But for whatever reason, I go with my best friend and I’ll be damned that when we get there, he isn’t acting like the asshole he was in front of my friends. He’s dressed really nice, he’s not being rude, he’s not scratching (ew) himself, and I’m kind of like what the hell.

This is what caused me to write this story, this is the best part.

So this girl, (who I didn’t know) who saw me talking to this guy, while he was putting his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into him, stuff like that, pulls me aside. She pulls me aside and says “are you dating so and so?” And I’m like “no, we’re just friends” and she’s like “well, he’s trouble and liar.” And I’m like Oh. And I kid you not, she proceeds to tell me the story about how he got her best friend to sleep with her after having made her dinner at his house! AT HIS HOUSE. At this point, I’m like is she here? I need to talk to her, NOW.

So this girl runs off, get the girl and this girl comes up to me, and I start asking her all these questions, and she tells me, and I quote this, “We went to that park, were walking around and he told me that he was a sex addict, first thing. Then after a while tells me about how he got jumped at this part. About a week later, he asked me to come over and have dinner and he was so charming then. Then he totally changed.” I was fuming! Literally, he didn’t even change his story, AT ALL!

I tell the girl “okay.” I walk off, I find him, and ask him what the hell is going on, and now he’s “drunk”, so he didn’t have an answer. Thankfully at this moment my best friend comes running in, tell me we have to go, so we leave.

The next day, I send that guy a text and he denies everything. EVERYTHING. So my noisy self, goes and finds that girl on facebook, and she connects me with THREE other girls he did this too. And I screen shot everything, and send it to him, and he STILL denies it all.

And that’s where the story ends. I stopped talking to him after that, because no.

So yeah, that was the time I dated a tool. Or tool.

Oh and about four months later (cause I actually remember that), I was at work and I went to the Taco Bell and he was working there, yep. He ran and hid in the back and I laughed nonstop for probably five minutes!

If you’ve ever dated a tool, leave a comment down below, I’d love to hear your story!

Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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  1. Haha I loved this story. Boys are really dumb. He really thought he will do the same thing to multiple girls and not get caught? Was he changing personalities on purpose? Like one day he acts normal then the other he’s just ew. At least one thing was good about him lol

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