Should You Spend Money On Your Blog?

Blogging is more than a hobby for many people. When taking any hobby to the next level, it’s often worth spending some money on that hobby. Just as an aspiring athlete may spend money on premium sports equipment, a blogger may decide to spend money on marketing. However, there are times when spending money on your blog might not be sensible. Here is some advice to stop your frittering away money where it isn’t needed.

You can pay to make it look more professional

Your blog needs to look good. Readers are more drawn to a blog that looks professional and not like a personal project. This may require spending some money.

It’s always worth buying a domain name. Having ‘’ at the end of your web address may deter readers and affect your search engine rankings. Buying a domain name costs very little and is generally worthwhile.

Similarly, you may want to consider hiring a graphics designer to create a logo or to simply create an interesting header. You needn’t approach a design company – there are plenty of freelance graphic designers on sites like Fiverr that you can use for cheap.

Paying to build a website might not be worthwhile until you’re a certain size and have a large enough audience. WordPress and Blogger templates do the job and many readers will expect these from small to medium sized blogs. There are also many plug-ins that you can find online for free. Use these to give your website more individuality.  

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You can reach out to new readers

As many blogs center around a niche, paying for marketing can often be handy for helping you to reach that niche and attract more readers.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is often worth paying for. This is a way of improving your blog’s rankings on search engines such as Google so that more people stumble across your posts. An online marketing agency may be able to help provide SEO for you. SEO is more than simply spamming keywords and isn’t something you can generally do yourself.

PPC ads can also be worth paying for. The likes of Google AdWords allow you to run your website as an ad for a set amount of time. You are able to set the parameters as to what kind of people see your ad, including which keywords trigger your ad to come up. Paying to promote Facebook and Twitter posts is a similar PPC strategy that allows you to target your niche and attract new readers. Don’t buy likes as whilst this might make your blog look bigger and more popular, it won’t actually be bringing you any extra readership.  

Don’t underestimate the power of DIY marketing

Not all marketing is worth paying for. There are many ways of marketing your blog for free. Setting up a Facebook and Twitter page for your blog cost nothing at all and you can invite all your friends and family, who in turn can invite their friends and family members.

Networking can also help you to get more readers. Consider allowing guest posts, as well as contributing to other people’s blogs. Fellow bloggers can often be the best readers. Also, consider being open to PR requests – companies may approach you wanting to review their products, whilst others may simply want you to mention them. This can be great free advertising for these companies, but it can also be great free advertising for you as these companies may shout about your blog on social media. On top of this consider joining online groups and Facebook community pages. These can be great places for networking and attracting new readers.

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Make sure that there’s some organic growth

There’s no point continuously paying for marketing if there’s no organic growth. Marketing should be used as a means of boosting your growth and shouldn’t be the only way in which you get visitors. Focus on generating engaging content that people are naturally attracted to before paying for marketing. You can use analytics to see which posts are organically popular. Aim to create similar posts and create a natural audience this way and then use paid marketing methods to complement this.

What is one thing you think is worth spending money on for your blog?

Love, Megan Anne

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