SOMA Product Review


Today I will be giving my review on the SOMA Water Pitcher.

Now, when I saw this product I thought, okay well what make this different then any other water pitcher that is out in stores? Well, with every purchase, they donate an amount to clean water for places that do not have it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give an amount.

So lets get down to this: The water pitcher + filter was $39 and then if you sign up for the emails, you get free shipping (which I totally did)!

Now, upon receive the item, I was please at the fast shipping. It was shipped on a Monday and I had to before the weekend! So that was great.

When you get the product, it come with some this simple booklet of information:

SOMA 4SOMA 6SOMA 5And of course the main attraction!SOMA 1SOMA 2

Now just like every other filtered water system, the filter required a little bit of work (totally normal). But I thought it was pretty cool that the filter had a bag to fill the water with, no worrying about find a cup that it would fit in.SOMA 7SOMA 8SOMA 9SOMA 10

So, now for the review. As for the design, it’s pretty nice looking. And the top made that way with the idea that the water will shot threw and not have to remove the lid, except to change the water filter, is a good IDEA. In reality, it’s not the great unless you have a straight water shooter, not like mine that had multiple hole (I’m not sure if that’s even how to explain it but oh well). As far as the water taste wise goes, it’s not that great. Now the city that I live in, had AWFUL tap water. I’m not sure why, but the tap water just taste so awful.  So this water filter doesn’t take away that taste. And honestly it seemed like I couldn’t get the fiber dust to go away. Now there is a warning say you should fill it at least three times to try and get the way, feed the rest to your plants, so that’s what I did. But upon the forth filling, it still had it.

Now, not to disappoint, but I wouldn’t buy this product again and I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. It’s to expensive and it just didn’t do a good job.

Now that’s my opinion, so if you’d like to try it out yourself, go to https://www.drinksoma.com/ and you can try this product out.

If you have an comments, comment down below.

Love, Megan Anne
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