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Blog & Biz Planner Review – Slay Your Goals Planner

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With the new year coming we all are thinking about what we can do to make 2018 even better than 2017. With that, most of us have started looking into new planners, new ways to organize our lives and just trying to figure what we can do differently in this coming year.

This is when I found this amazing planner!

So this isn’t your typical planner, this is a slay your goals and get your shit done planner. This is the planner that will help to take your blog &/or biz to the next level. You have 6o pages of full-on planning. What I personally love about this planner is that it’s not just an organization tool. Yes, it has your normal organization part but it also has so many pages committed to solely planning out how to slay your goals.

Thinking you need one of these for 2018? Go ahead and click here! This is planner is really affordable at $27.00

Who wouldn’t want to slay your goals in 2018?

Another aspect that I love about this planner, that I haven’t seen in many other planners is that it also offers different layouts to each section. So that way if you think differently then you will have other ways to write out your plans, goals, wishes, list, etc. This isn’t just your typical planner though and that’s what makes this so amazing and honestly the planner that you need to give a chance! Now I know what your thinking, “Megan, I don’t want to spend $27 on a planner and then it not be good.” Read below, I promise I will change your mind and you want this planner asap!

As you can see above, these are the six sections that you receive in the planner, which by the way is also completely printable. So if you like to have a hard copy of a planner, you can totally print it out and attach it to a binder. Then fill it up to your heart’s desire.

Thinking you need one of these for 2018? Go ahead and click here! This is planner is really affordable at $27.00

What I personally really love about this planner is that while you are filling out the different sections you are actually being asked a question. So instead of being expected to come up with goals of the tops of your head, you are actually being asked the question that will get your brain moving. Which is what I believe will make this the best planner to use for the coming year.

This planner breaks down your life into so many different sections that not even I would have ever thought about. Another thing I love about this planner is that it is truly more of a motivation plan. You will sit down and write our goals and then you can go back to it in a few days, a month, or however long later and be reminded of what you are trying to achieve.

This is the planner you need in your life, and you need to get this and actually start working on this for 2018! It’s never too late to get started on planning out your 2018! Here is a little sneak peak into what you will be getting in this planner.

Want to learn a little bit more about this planner from the person who actually runs this planner? Go ahead and click here to check out her page about the planner.


Go ahead and click here! This is planner is really affordable at $27.00

Slay your goals in 2018, with me!

Love, Megan Anne

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  • Marissa Sanders

    I am in search of a planner for 2018. I’ve been debating on choosing a life planner versus having 2 planners. I still cannot decide. Thank you for this review!