Simple Cinnamon French Toast

Hello! Who doesn’t love french toast, right? But sometimes, french toast needs a little more, something. So why not cinnamon? Yep. Simple easy, and very yummy!

So basically, all you do is add 2 tsp (or more if you want more) of cinnamon to the egg mixture. Here are some photos of the process.

IMG_8372 IMG_8373

1. So you will whisk the egg, like you would do with for scrambled eggs.

IMG_8374 IMG_83752. After that you will add 2 tsp of cinnamon to the mixture, you want to make sure and whisk it very well until it is as smooth as possible.

3. Add some butter, if you want to, to a hot pan. I had some cool timelaspe videos but apperently I can’t just put them on here.

4. You’ll cook them for a few minutes, 2 – 3 on each side.

IMG_83915. You can add whatever topping you’d like. Personally, all I needed was some maple syrup. But as a kid, my mom would put powdered sugar. You could probably add chocolate drizzle, anything really!

Hope you enjoyed this!  It’s one of my favorite things to make for breakfast, because of how simple it is.

Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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