5 Signs He’s Not That Into You

From one girl to another, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether guys are really into us. It’s not that they’re helping much, giving mixed signals, leading us on, telling us what they think we want to hear, am I right? I know am. And trust me, I’ve had my fair share of trouble when it comes to telling whether a guy is actually into me or wants to get into my pants. Over the past few years, I’ve finally started to understand the tale-tell signs of whether he’s into me or not. But let me just say this, you should ALWAYS follow your gut instinct. If a guy is giving off bad vibes, chances are he’s bad. So here are some tale-tell signs.

  1. He doesn’t ask about your or your life
    This is the biggest sign, because if a guy really cares about getting to know you they’ll ask about your day or how you are doing. If a guy is talking to you, and they don’t ask you how your day wasn’t, they aren’t worth it. Maybe that’s the Southern in me but seriously, they aren’t into your life or you in general, they probably aren’t into you.
  2. He doesn’t talk about his personal life
    So this happens a lot, you’ll be texting with a guy for a while but they literally never actually talk about themselves. I’m not talking about major things but things about his life, his job, his family, or littler things. When you realize that he knows more about you, then you know about him, you should start asking more questions. If you ask those questions and he doesn’t want to respond to them or changes the subject, he’s not into you. Seriously. The red flag needs to go up, and you need to step back.
  3. He doesn’t respond to your text messages
    If y’all go from texting all the time to all the sudden he isn’t responding for days and then responding like it doesn’t matter, yeah he doesn’t care. Also, if you’re trying to “open up” and he just doesn’t respond, red flag baby.
  4. He brings up his ex’s all the time
    This is simple, if you’re getting to know someone and then all the sudden they’re bringing up their ex, they’re comparing you and that means either two things: that he wants you to be like his ex (not cool) or you’re too similar to his ex. He’s either still into his ex or he’s comparing you to his ex, and both are not okay.
  5. He’s too busy to take you out but not to come over and sleep with you.
    If a guy only ever wants to talk about sex, or only ever agrees to make plans if your willing to blow him, he’s just looking for a hookup. Don’t do it, it’s not worth it. If that’s your thing, that’s fine, but for those of you that aren’t, don’t settle because he seems nice enough. You’ll have sex with him, and then you’ll probably never hear from him again (true story).

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Love, Megan Anne
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