How To Show Someone You’re Thankful For Them

This month is always when I personally start to think about being thankful. Whether it’s being thankful for a person or for a thing. I just personally find myself thinking about it a lot more now. Also this month I have four lovely bloggers writing posts about being thankful this month. Hopefully y’all are enjoying them, and hopefully, they are giving y’all an insight into what others are thankful for.

But let’s be real, sometimes we do not know how to exactly show someone else that we are thankful for them. I know I struggle to not only remember but also how to actually show someone. So here are a few ideas and a few tips on how you can show someone that you are thankful for them.

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  1. Take them out to dinner. Or lunch, or breakfast or whatever meal you want to. You can make this a whole thing or just taking them to Jersey Mikes and paying for their meal. Honestly, this is one of those ones that you can really either make a very expensive thing or a simple meal. It’s just nice to share a meal with someone and I promise no one is going to turn down a free meal.
  2. Write a thank you note. As simple as this sounds, everyone love something handwritten and thoughtful. It could really change there day!
  3. Thankful Jam by Simply Kierste. This is really just a cute way to add little more fun to a simple and tasty gift. Click here to get the printable!
  4. Make them dinner. Or lunch, or breakfast or whatever meal you want. Okay, this is similar to the first one, but let’s say that your person has a dietary restriction or they’d rather have a homecooked meal, this is a perfect idea!
  5. Bring them flowers. Now, obviously if the person in question doesn’t like flowers, don’t get them flowers but this goes back to #2 as a simple idea. This could really help to brighten someones day and it’s super simple.
  6. Bake them anything. And then use this really cute printable to add to package and give it a little more love! Who doesn’t love a baked good? Exactly.

Those are just a few way to show someone that you are thankful for them.

How do you show someone that you are thankful for them?

Love, Megan Anne

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2 thoughts on “How To Show Someone You’re Thankful For Them”

  1. I love writing “just thinking about you” notes to the special people in my life. I know it would put a smile on my face if I received one.

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