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September Favorites: Blog Post

September Favorites: Blog Post by LoveMeganAnne

Hi y’all, so this is something new that I want to start doing. Basically, with being a blogger (barley if you ask me truthfully) comes the fact that I read a lot of other people’s blog. I’ve used Twitter, to really outreach, to advertise, and also to find new blogs to read. These are some of my favorite blog post from the past month, now these are by no means my only favorites, this long would be so long. But these were the top 5 post that really stuck with me, made me laugh, or just gave me really great advice! These are by no means in a certain order.

  1. An Open Letter to All My 20 Something Women  by Alexa over on The Icing On The Playlist
    She basically said everything that I’m always thinking and tell my friends. I defiantly think every 20 something women should go read this post!
  2. Living Your Journey and Finding Your Path by Alyssa over on The Wise Willow
    In this post, she doesn’t necessarily give you a step by step guide, but she tells you about her experiences. It’s defiantly a post that will motivate you.
  3. How To Deal With Jealousy and Comparison  by Tatyana over on The Ambition Upgrade
    Her blog is more about business, but this post seriously helped me this month. I won’t lie I’ve had my fare share of jealously when I see other bloggers, who are younger, have less content, but have a steady traffic. (Yes, I’ve dealt with this, and I promise a lot more people have). Go check this out, gives great advice!
  4. Mistakes I’ve Made as a Beginner Thrift Shopper by Emily over on Emily Maybe
    She talks about her experience and some mistakes she made as a beginner. This was so funny to me, because I’ve made these mistakes so many time. I don’t do a lot of thrift store shopping (because I hate shopping in general anyways) but I have tried in the past, and fail miserably! Defiantly a must read!
  5. Things You May Not Know About Being Creative by Ilona over on Ilona Toth Creative
    Personally, I didn’t read this post needing so guidance, but because it’s a good reminder of what it is that goes on in my brain, and also how to explain it to others!

I defiantly recommend everyone going over to the blogs, and checking them out. All of these blogs also have great content other then just these post!

If you read any of these, please feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think and also, leave them a comment, letting them know what you think of there post. We all love the feedback from out readers!


Love, Megan Anne
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September Favorites: Blog Post by LoveMeganAnne


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  1. Hi Megan! I randomly stumbled upon this post while checking SEO for my website. I wish I saw this sooner but thank you SO much for mentioning my article on how to deal with jealousy + comparison, I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed reading it 🙂 Seeing this made my day!

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