Disclaimer: This page does contain affiliate links.

Bluehost – This is the hosting site that I use for and I defiantly recommend this to everyone. It is very simple to use and to get started with. – This is what I use to run my website, they do have but I have not ventured into that.

Disqus – This is a commenting system that really helps to build a community.

Sumo – This plugin will help to grow your blog without you even having to do anything. This adds share buttons (that you can customize the placement of) and also will link your blog to other blogs to share.

Yoast SEO – This is how you are going to start getting more traffic from Google and even on social media. This SEO is really useful and works amazing!

Grammarly – This is a game changer for your blog, check out this article to see why: Why You NEED To Use Grammarly

Canva – Editor for any graphics that you could need. They have pre-made sizes that work for Pinterest graphics, facebook graphics, Twitter headers, Youtube thumbnails, etc.

Google Analytics – This is a must for anyone running a website, blog, etc. You need this in order to know exactly what your blog stats are. Unlike many other trackers, google analytics is one of the most reliable sources for checking your analytics.