Pants Are Optional Here + 4 Things You Can Do Pant-less

Let’s talk about pants. Or, the lack of pants.

We all hate pants and let’s be real none of us actually like wearing pants. Especially when we are at home. Personally, I live alone so basically I never wear pants, which is perfectly fine until someone knocks on the door and I’m running around looking for pants. But that’s beside the point, pants are and should always be optional, while at home.

So what are the best things do without pants? What do you usually do without pants on? Besides sleeping, I’m sure you can name a ton of different times when you would have probably enjoyed yourself more, had you have been pant-less. So here are a few things that are defiantly amazing when not wearing pants.

But wait, when I say “not wearing pants” or “pants are optional” I do not mean don’t wear your underwear. Actually quite the opposite, rock some really cute underwear, whether you are wearing really cute/sexy lingerie, your “it’s laundry day” underwear or just those boxers that your grandma got you, rock them and chill out! For my male readers, check out these high-quality boxers from Tommy John.

Now, what are these “amazing” things you can do with out wearing underwear (and that I usually do without wearing underwear)?

Watching Netflix, in the middle of the day, on a Saturday. 

Okay, seems pretty simple, but have you actually ever done this or just said you have? It sounds kind of crazy to do in the middle of the day but guess what, not wearing underwear in the middle of the day is a really odd but kind of empowering feeling. Because unlike at midnight when you are less likely to have randoms either show up at your home or burst into your room, your basically putting caution to the wind and doing whatever you like. The reason that I say on a Saturday is because that is a very common day for most people to be home or to come by. Really you could do this any day and feel amazing.

(Photo by Jiří Wagner on Unsplash)


I’m talking about doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, even vacuuming. Yes, you do not need to wear pants when doing house work, woah, shocking! Come on guys, you can not tell me that you’ve never thought “wow I want to do some house work, let me put on some pants…” but why? Because it feels like the normal but it shouldn’t be. In my personal experience, pant usually just get in the way or make me very incredibly hot. You should feel comfortable while cleaning, I believe that is how you do not get tired of cleaning.

Dancing around like no one is watching!

“Shake what your momma gave you.” Girls out there, get rid of those tight, constricting pants and shake it! Dance like no one is watching because no one is. You are in the comfort of your home! Have you done this ever? Like when you just got out of the shower or when you’re in the process of changing? I thought not, how about you do this the next time you are taking a shower. Personally, when I take a shower I also have music on because the quietness tends to scare me a bit. So when I get out of the shower I usually end up having a little dance party and I have to say, that is the best time to feel so free and happy!

(Photo by Jimmy Bay on Unsplash)

Doing actual work, job type work. 

Anyone that does any sort of work online, whether it’s blogging, social media, youtube, etc, knows that when you work from home you don’t always want to be wearing “fancy” clothes. Sometimes wearing PJs is just the way to go and why the heck would you even want to wear pants in that situation? I know I don’t like doing work with pants, not at all. Again guys, if you are doing work at home you defiantly want to be comfortable, go check out the link that I had listed above!

What do you like to do without pants?

Remember, pants are optional & you should take advantage of it!

Love, Megan Anne

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9 thoughts on “Pants Are Optional Here + 4 Things You Can Do Pant-less”

  1. Is there actually someone who likes pants? ahhahha they are legit the first thing I take off as soon as I come home! I usually cook without pants… I burned my thight the other day (nothing major) so pro tip is: wear pants when you cook

  2. LOL I love the post! In summer I very rarely wear pants at home 😀 I do everything you described and I love it. But it’s very true when someone rings at the door especially the mail man it’s bad.. But you know what? I assume he gets it all the time so I did not care and went anyway hahaha

  3. wuahahaha!!! Love this!!!! I like to stroll around my house pant-less! Lol! I also cook, watch TV, read, and do the dishes pant-less! 🙈

  4. Oh myyyyy! I love this post; it’s got me written all over it. My friends look at me like I’m sick when I say I don’t wear pants in the house at the weekend 😂🙈
    Thanks for making my morning!


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