Pack With Me! Beach Vacation Edition!

This coming weekend I am going to be going down to Surfside Beach, Texas! So, with that comes packing and let’s just say that I’m one of those people who love to overpack! Basically, I pack for a week when we’re only going to be there for a few days. Okay not really, but I do love to pack a few extra outfits for “just in case” purposes. Now if you don’t know where Surfside Beach, Texas is, it is very close to Galveston, Texas, just down the peninsula, closer to Freeport and more of to the west of Houston, Texas.

Anyways, so I figured that it may be fun to give y’all a little peek into what I will be packing and planning on wearing this coming weekend! Now, I know that y’all are probably thinking “Megan it’s Monday and you’re already packed for the next weekend?” Okay, yes I will admit that it’s a little early but this week is going to be really busy and I figured I could get most of everything ready already. So here’s goes nothing!

So let’s go down the list:

  1. Underwear – This is pretty obvious and doesn’t need a lot of explanation!
  2. Bra & Sports Bra – Again, just something needed for daily needs. Sports bra for when I’m over wearing an actual bra and a real bra for when I need to wear one.
  3. Swimsuit – Hi, I’m going to the beach so I obviously need to have a fun swimsuit. Fun fact, this is actually the same swimsuit I used a few years ago when I went to Galveston with my friends! I got this swimsuit a few years ago, but I believe it was from Target.
  4. PJ’s & Extra Shorts – The cute outfit you see is my pj’s and then the shorts next to them are just or fun! The Pj’s are from Walmart!
  5. Shorts – Because obviously, I have to wear some cute shorts! The first pair (on the left) is from Old Navy, the second ones are from Target and the last pair is from JC Pennys. I have some casual shorts, some nicer/darker shorts and then some party-ish shorts! 
  6. Tanks – So to go with the shorts I have three different types of shirts. The first one on the top is a simple tank from Old Navy, The second one below that one is a high neck with floral detail on the arms from Target. And the last shirt is a white tank with a lace-like detail on the back from Khols!
  7. Sandals – I don’t own a lot of shoes, and because of that reason I try and buy shoes that will work with everything. So I’ll be taking one pair of flip-flops, for beach wear and just casual wear. Then my other sandals are just these basic brown strappy ones that will work with everything else!

So that is all for the clothes that I will be wearing/packing for this trip! And because I am my mom’s child, I did iron these before I packed them! Now on to what else I will be bringing!

8. Lite Blanket & Pillow – This is more for the ride because it is five hours and we are leaving at 5 am, so I’m going to need this. it’s a good idea also to make you feel more comfortable in a hotel.

9. “Laun-dry” Bag – This is a little gimmicky but I can honestly say this bag is good for a few different thing.  This bag can be used for wet clothes, or dirty clothes, shoes, etc. Really, it’s just a small bag that can be very useful.

10. Beach Blanket – Obviously y’all I’m going to the beach! So I need to have a beach blanket and this one is seriously my fav! It had a giant anchor and it’s super nice!

11. Makeup – More than likely I will not be wearing a ton of makeup over this weekend but I will more than likely be wearing some.

12. Face Sunscreen, Water Mist, Body Spray – These are just a few things that I will be bringing with me. The face sunscreen is Equate Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Lotion. The water mist is the Evian Brumisater Facial Spray. The body spray is the Pink Sun Kissed. 

13. Tripod – This is one of those things that only someone like me would bring but I am going to bring my tripod in order to get some cool shots down at the ocean!

So there are all the things that I will be bringing. Okay, I did forget a few things, tooth brush, toothpaste, etc.

What plans do you have for the summer?

Going down to the beach or just somewhere cool?

Love, Megan Anne

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  1. I love these packing posts! They always remind me of things to not forget when going on trips. I’ll save this for the future!

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