October Favorites: Blog Post

Hi y’all, so this is something new that I want to start doing. Basically, with being a blogger (barley if you ask me truthfully) comes the fact that I read a lot of other blogger’s blogs. I’ve used Twitter, to really outreach, to advertise, and also to find new blogs to read.

These are some of my favorite blog post from the past month, now these are by no means my only favorites, this would be so long. But these were the top 8 post that really stuck with me, made me laugh, or just gave me really great advice! I put these in order from when they were posted because that made sense to me.

  1. 8 Things I’m Tired of Hearing by Sam over on Sam’s Ramblings
  2. BLOGTOBER DAY 9 // FALL READING LIST by Samantha over on The Leg Up
  3. The Vegetarian [Review] by Victoria over on The Whimsical Chick
  4. How To Have A Better Monday by Emily over on Em Writes
  5. 5 Ways To Stay Motivated When Working From Home by Jenny over on Confetti Social
  6. If We Were Having Coffee  by Emily Becca over on EmilyBecca
  7. Comfy Sweatshirt Roundup: My 10 Favorites by Smoorelovin’ over on Smoorelovin
  8. SURVIVING HEARTBREAK by Kenya Jael over on From A Wild Flower

If y’all checked out any of these posts, leave a comment down below letting me know what y’all thought!


Love, Megan Anne
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