November Movie Night + My Favorite Guilt Free Snack

October is now over, and many of us are starting to gear up for the holiday season. November is very similar to September in the sense that it’s really a transition time. We are coming off of Halloween and spooky things and now gearing up for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. While yet still being in the middle of Fall. So one thing that I personally love to do is have a lovely movie night. Now, let me be clear I do not want to watch Christmas movies quite yet. While yes, I am about to start decorating, I am still a little weird when it comes to watching movies really geared towards Christmas and also music in this same sense. So here are a few movies that I love to watch in the November month:

Home Alone 1 or 2

While You Were Sleeping

Love Actually

In Bruges

The Holiday

The Family Man

Now that we’ve got a few feel-good movies to get you into the mood, let’s talk about my favorite snack and I think y’all are really going to love this as well! Obviously, you can go for the normal popcorn, because popcorn + movies = heaven, but sometimes you want something a tad different, but I promise y’all I love popcorn as much as y’all. So if you want to check out what popcorn I love, check out Skinny Pop, they are the go-to for guilt-free popcorn + they have tons of different flavors. Check out the different the different flavors Skinny Pop has, here!

So we’ve got Cinnamon Sugar Apple Chips! Now, this isn’t my recipe but this recipe is amazing and y’all should defiantly go check that out.

Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips

Now, let me tell y’all a few things about these chips here:

  1. I put WAY to much cinnamon sugar (but like, can you really do that? yes). I wasn’t thinking when I did this but I put so much that they were almost almost to sweet but if you like sweet, go to town.
  2. It is almost impossible to cut these in perfect circles unless you have the fancy tools, which I don’t unfortunately. I just took a regular sharp knife and went to town. And I’ll be honest, I almost like the half-shaped ones better and they were way easier to actually cut.
  3. You have to cut these very thin, not like to were it’s translucent, but just very thin. The downside is that if you don’t, they’ll be a little moist or soggy.
  4. This is a super time-consuming thing and now that I know about this, I will probably make bigger batches. In total, you spend about 3 hours just in the oven. So defiantly something I would have to make a HUGE batch of this in the future.

If you give these chips a try, please let me know! I’d love to hear what you all think!

Love, Megan Anne

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