Blogmas 2016

Morning Routine | BLOGMAS DAY 11

Well hello, lovelies! So, this is a different post than what I’ve done but I’ve been thinking about doing. So this is going to be my morning routine!

7:30 – 8am: Would you believe that I wake up so early? If you would have told me this a few years ago, I would have said you were BSing me. But yes, I wake up between 7:30 – 8am. Usually, I get up and stretch a little bit, then I go and turn the shower on. Once the show is on and running I then go and turn my Kruig on and then go back and get in the shower. I’m not a very long shower taker person anymore, but I shower and then get out.

8:30am: It’s usually about 8:30 by the time I’ve done all that, and at this point, I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee and something for breakfast. I tend to keep breakfast pretty simple. Some fresh fruit or a piece of toast. From time to time, I will have some eggs but that’s not very often. Once breakfast is made, I will sit down on the sofa, turn on ABC news, and get my computer up and running. I usually spend the last 15 minutes of so just watching youtube videos, checking my phone notifications, that kind of stuff.

9am: Around 9am is usually when I decided that I need to do some work. So that’s usually when I’ll get on to my blogging platform (WordPress) and start checking the stats, the comments, etc. I go over and check to see what I’m working on, what still need to be done. Did I put all the tags, did I save the backup, and that goes on and on. Eventually, I try and write a post, or at least go over and edit some.

10am: When 10am rolls around, it is time for me to get ready work, so I’ll usually go and blow dry my hair just a tiny bit if it’s still a little damp. Then I set up my ironing board, and plug in my iron. I’ll then get my makeup bag and sit down on my bed, do my makeup, pluck any unwanted hair and jam out to some music! Lately, I’ve been loving the Maroon 5 radio on Pandora. It’s seriously my favorite! After getting my makeup done, I usually then go into the bathroom and fix my hair into my everyday ponytail, and then by this point I’m usually running around like crazy, so I’m rushing through the ironing process. Once everything is done, I’ll put on my shoes and it is time to go!

11am: It’s 11am! Oh, my! Time to go! I always try and strive to leave at 11am to get to work on time, but I won’t lie and say that I’ve never left at 11:15am, because well….. I have. So now I’m driving and on my way to work!

11:30am: And now, it’s time to work! Basically, I’ll spend the next 8 hours at work!

I hope y’all enjoyed this morning routine! I don’t really do anything exciting, it’s basically just me working for the most part! But these posts are super popular (I defiantly read a ton of the these), so I figured that I could give it ago!

Leave a comment down below letting me know what you think!

Hope y’all are ready for the next 14 days worth of fun/Christmas related post!

Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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