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The Meaning Of Christmas #MondayTalks | BLOGMAS DAY 19

Hey, everyone we are officially in the last week of blogmas! What? When? How? Yes. I know, time is going really fast, and honestly, I’m kind of ready for it to end. Let’s be real, posting for 25 days straight is a little intense! And I know, I didn’t really post a ton of hard hitting, emotionally intense, changing your mind kind of post but it has still been 19 straight days now! And I have no reason to not make it until this Sunday! Pretty much all the post that I want to get out this next week are written, except for this one (because I’m writing it now) and the one that goes out on Christmas day (December 25th) and that’s because I’m waiting for a package.

So, with this being the last #MondayTalks left in blogmas, and because I like to not have to write super formal on these post, I’m going to be talking about what I think Christmas means, or what it means to me. My family does partake in gift giving, but I don’t believe that is what Christmas is about. But y’all deserve to know that it’s not like my family doesn’t partake in that, or that we don’t celebrate in that sense. 

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Let’s start from the beginning.

Growing up my mom always decorated the house, and pretty much went all out  as far as our gifts. I can honestly say that looking back we had a lot of gifts, probably too much. I can remember telling my friends about all the gifts I received, and they would give me looks like I was a spoiled brat. But here’s the things, we got things we needed and things we wanted. My mom didn’t really just get us things at random. Obviously, if we needed something right then, but usually, we only got bigger gifts a few times a year. It used to really annoy me because I can remember seeing something I liked and my mom buying it, then telling me “okay, that’s for Christmas.” And it was September. The times we got our bigger gifts would usually be: back to school, Christmas, and birthdays. Especially as we got older and wanted more expensive and bigger stuff, she really stuck to that. We also would go over to our Grandma’s and she would get us tons of gifts too. They weren’t very big gifts, but still a ton.

So as we got older, and for me this has really happened in the past few years, I started wanting less or more practical things. This year, my mom has been telling me “I don’t know if I got you enough or the same as your brothers” and I keep telling her “I don’t really care.” And that’s the truth, honestly. I don’t really need anything this year. I’m on this road to really minimizing my life and stuff (post coming soon on that), so thinking about putting more stuff into my apartment is just really crazy.

You drive me crazy but I do love you 💕💕

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So, what does Christmas mean to me?

To me, Christmas should be about spending time with loved ones. Spending time with people you may not have a chance to hang out with the rest of the year. The Christmas spirit shouldn’t be about buying gifts and who can get the better gift or even about making sure you spent a certain amount of money on those you’re buying for. This is something I tend to struggle with because I’m 22, and shopping on a heck of a budget, I can’t afford to spend $30+ on each person I’m shopping for. But I’m finally starting to realize that it’s the thought that counts, not the amount of money you spent.

The first of the year 🎄⛄️⭐️

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Where do I put religion in with this

Okay, I don’t even know how to put this that isn’t going to make you want to click out of this page. But I personally don’t think of religion when I think of Christmas or Christmas spirit or holiday time or anything else. I wasn’t raised in that atmosphere. I did go to church from the time I was 8 – 15 pretty regularly, but I never really understood the Christmas + religion thing. And as I’ve gotten older, I just haven’t really felt the need to partake in religious aspects of Christmas. I do know the story of baby Jesus, and if you do partake that’s fine. I just personally don’t really know what I believe in anymore. That’s an entirely different post, that maybe I’ll write but probably won’t because I don’t want to deal with that backlash. 

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What are my plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

I will being doing what I usually do, spending time with family. We usually go over to my G-Mom’s (my mom’s mom), talk, exchange gifts, have dinner. On Christmas day I’ll be spending some time with my mom like always. We don’t really do much, but again, it’s the family time that makes it all worth it. 

I really hope y’all understand where I’m coming from, and I hope you realize that I’m just speaking from what I feel and that I don’t judge anyone who believes differently. Christmas is what you make it, and if you make it great, then it’s well spent.

What does Christmas mean to you? Do you spend time with your family? Do you go to the midnight service at your church? Do you spend Christmas Eve cooking and Christmas Day eating? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hope y’all are ready for the next 6 days worth of fun/Christmas related post!

Love, Megan Anne
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