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My Real Last Name #MondayTalks | BLOGMAS DAY 5

So for the purpose of this post, let me just tell you what my last name is, Butler. My last name is Butler, and I hate it. Obviously, there are a ton of reason for me to dislike this last name, just for the fact that it’s Butler, for the fact that I was bullied because of it, and also because it’s my dad’s last name.

As my blog has grown over the past couple of months (and seriously, I use that loosely) a lot of people who know me personally have asked “why don’t you use your last name on any other social media?” and I never really answer people because I don’t feel like I have to but now, I know a lot of people are going to start wondering, or questioning, or maybe not but I wanted to write this to explain why I don’t use or claim my last name really.

I was bullied from the time I was in 5th grade till I was in 8th grade. The biggest target on my back was my last name. Because think about it, Butler, it can be changed into so many things and I promise I heard them all. Butter, butt-ler, butt. And there are a ton more but I honestly don’t care to think about that. But that was always a target to harras me with, so after a while, I just stop claiming it.

It’s my dad’s last name, and he left when I was3 and then again when I was 12. My dad wasn’t/isn’t apart of my everyday life. He pops in whenever he feels like he wants to, or we put some effort into it (which we shouldn’t have to because he left, not us). And truth be told, for a long time my dad was a super sore subject, and so when I decided to give this ago, I made a decision to take my last name off every social media other than facebook, and that was simply because people who knew me personally knew that my last name was Butler.

Anne is my middle name. I didn’t make that up, my legal name is Megan Anne Butler. Has been since birth and will be until I either get married or legally change it. I just loved my middle name, and how it flows together. Something about the was Megan Anne sounds, just makes me feel lighter. It’s incredibly hard to even begin to explain but it’s a nice feeling to know that I can not be connected to him.

Will I ever use my real last name? Well, maybe. But not if it is still Butler. I will never, ever use that last name on any social media sites, and that’s just that. I use it for legal stuff, for work stuff, but on here and anywhere else I will never refer to myself with the last name Butler.

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Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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