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So, as many people who live in the United States know, Donald Trump is going to be our 45th president. Before I get into this and start stating my opinions let me just say that I didn’t think either candidate were good choices because they both had flaws in different aspects. This has been one of the worst elections in a very long time (50 years I believe!). I won’t be starting what they stand for or why you should/shouldn’t have voted for this person because it’s already a done deal. We’ve all already voted and you can’t change the outcome.

Hilary won the popular vote.

Yes, she won the popular vote, but obviously, something happened between that and the real deal that changed it. Probably because the people who are in the popular vote, didn’t actually vote.  Here’s a few post about how Trump lost the popular vote but won the election:

How Did Trump Win Election While Losing Popular Vote?

Hillary Clinton lost the election but is winning the popular vote



Okay, I’ll be the first to say that I agree with peaceful protesting BUT once protesting turns violent or destructive, I am not okay with it. I don’t really see what protesting this will really do. They’ve using the system to elect a president for over 100 years and they will not be stopping or changing because you’re protesting.


Donald Trump is not fit to be president. 

Where this may be true, because he was a businessman, not a politician, it doesn’t mean that he can’t rise to be president. There are a ton of reason to not want to have his as president, but y’all need to understand something, there is a system in place that you have to go through in order to get anything passed into law. It is not just as easy as typing and publishing, it takes months to years to get anything passed or not passed.


Thoughts and advice to deal with it.

I am willing to see what he will do in this position. I am willing to give him a chance before I will stand against him. He’s going to be our 45th president and that is just something that we ALL need to accept. If you were a Hilary supporter, that’s fine but now y’all have to accept that she’s not going to be president. This is what I’m asking EVERYONE to do, please give him a chance. I understand that it’s hard but it doesn’t change what it is. Protesting will NOT change what happened.


This was an incredibly hard post to publish because I know the majority of people I know were Hilary supporters. And y’all are going to be upset at me tell y’all to support him. I promise, I wasn’t a supporter of either, and I understand that hesitancy towards him but it is now done. Also, this is will be my first and last post about this matter.

Have a wonderful day, and leave a comment down below telling me what y’all thought of the election!


Love, Megan Anne
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    25TH president? Tf wrong with you.

    • Megan Anne

      Wooooops typo! Thanks for point it out ☺️☺️