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Now that that’s done, if you aren’t new here (even though this only the second one of these I’m doing), you’ve probably noticed two things: 1, that I’ve changed the name of this series from #MondayMotivationTalks to #Mondaytalks and 2, that I put it at the end of the title (which you may not have noticed).

I changed the name & format because I realized which one looked better, pretty simple. Okay, not that this is over, on to the real reason y’all are here, to read me talk about something.

I figured since today is Halloween it would be the perfect time to talk bout it! What I feel about it, my thoughts, worries etc. So, here we go!

Halloween as a kid.

Halloween as a kid was always really great! We dressed up, I was a witch for like 4 years straight, we went trick or treating, took pictures and had a good time. My brother’s and I would always get in trouble because we would go home and dump ALL our candy out on the floor and then fight over who’s candy was who’s. Or my brother’s would steal my candy, and then they got in trouble. Halloween was always so much fun, not as stressful as the coming holidays were. My mom is so super festive, and all growing up, till I was probably 19 years old, my mom would make us Halloween bags! We’d get some candies, maybe a shirt or a cup as we got older. I always looked forward to that, even as I got older.


Halloween as an adult.

I don’t really do much for Halloween now. I’ve gone to one Halloween party in my whole adult life, and no one was even dressed up. In my junior year in high school I went trick or treating with some friends, and we got weird looks. And then our senior year we did go to one Halloween party, and I was a hippie. But honestly, after that, I haven’t been to an adult Halloween party. My niece did have a Costume party for her 15th birthday and I was a cat, but all I did was wear all black and put cat ears on. I don’t really see a point anymore, and maybe if I had those types of friends I would, but I don’t.


Do I dress up?

I touch briefly on this before, but not necessarily. Personally, I get very hot, very quickly, so it makes it uncomfortable. I also, don’t go anywhere to dress up. I may wear my cat ears to work or if I go out that day but I’m not too concerned about that. (Which is why you see no post about Halloween costumes).


What I fear about being out that night / weekend?

So, one of my biggest fears is getting hit by a drunk driver or just someone not paying attention, or wrecking in general. I don’t handle it well, and I just don’t like having to deal with that. Like every holiday, people tend to drink and then some of them are stupid enough to drive. Now, at Christmas or thanksgiving, it’s a little more toned down, those are family holidays after all. But Halloween, man, these people are getting super drunk and then driving around in costumes, and it’s freaky. Which is why I usually don’t go out that weekend or the day off, in this year’s case: Friday night, Saturday night, and Monday night. No thanks.

Credit: cardstore blog
Credit: cardstore blog

Favorite Halloween Movies.

I’m your basic chick, and I really love the Disney’s channel original movies for Halloween. So here’s a list:

  1. Halloweentown Series (Halloweentown, Halloweentown 2, Halloweentown High, and Return to Halloweentown)

2. The Scream Team

3. Hocus Pocus

4. Twitches and Twitches Too

5. Phantom of the Megaplex

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