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Mental Illness | Guest Post – Alicia / The Happy Hippie

You guys, let’s be real here life can be really hard.  Like really, really hard. Some days are of course harder than others.  But, we can fight, and we can find a way to maybe make things a little easier in a natural way.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder.  A year before that I was diagnosed with depression.  Many changes were happening in my life and I honestly wasn’t prepared.

I was put on medication and had a lot of trouble finding the right one for about a year.  The scary thing about medication is that it is all trial and error when it comes to mental illnesses.  The first one I was on literally made me insane, I didn’t even know who I was anymore.  Luckily, my doctor eventually figured one out that worked and, I can’t lie, it made a huge difference in my life, but I still didn’t feel like myself.

Fast forward four years and a lot of shit in between, I found and came out a stronger person.  I am myself again, I am in a strong relationship, I am surrounded by family and friends, I finished college, and I am happy.

I am no longer on my medication.  I was scared as anything to get off of it, but luckily, I have found some ways in order to cope naturally.  I never thought I would get to this point, but I sure am happy I did.

Wait, you said all natural, well what does that mean?

Since I have gotten off my medication, I have found an increasing interest in yoga and essential oils.  Both completely natural and great for your health! Yoga helps me practice inner balance, learn more about my body and what it can do, and meditate and relax my mind all at the same time!  My essential oils help me stay calm through aromatherapy and ingestion.  They are completely natural and safe and so worth the money! You can beat mental illness, it is totally possible.  No, it will not go away forever, anxiety is completely natural.  What is not natural would be the level at which you are experiencing natural.  You should be able to cope with it and find a way to control it.

But, I promise, you can do this.

Never forget everyone, positive vibes only!

 Hi All! My name is Alicia Phillips, a 22 year old living outside the City of Brotherly Love!  I enjoy writing, hanging out with my pup Brindle, indulging myself in Netflix marathons and spending the rest of my free time watching Food Network.  I am an advocate for mental health and self-love.  So hop on and check me out, I promise you are not going to regret this one!

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  1. I love yoga also. It does help with anxiety. As an advocate for mental health care, remember that some mental illnesses cannot be treated or cured with yoga or oils any more than cancer can. Those with bipolar, psychosis, etc. have to take medicine. Here is a link to a documentary about a young man with bipolar and psychosis that my son made:

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