May, June & July 2017 Updates

Well hello, I have not written an update post since I did April’s (click here!) and that was simply because I just didn’t think there was a reason to keep writing an update seeing as much wasn’t changing between months. However, over the past 3 months, lots have changed. So I’m here to kind of talk about what is going on, what has been happening and where this blog is going!

So the biggest updates are my social media numbers

  • Jan 2017 – April 2017:
    • Twitter: 914 – 1434; So I grew 520 followers.
    • Instagram: 542 – 1227; So I grew 685 followers.
    • Youtube: 98 on April 30, 2017
  • After three months:
    • Twitter:  2456 followers
    • Instagram: 1735 followers
    • Youtube: 237 subscribers

Now, let’s talk about diet and working out. Well, there isn’t much to talk about, honestly, my diet went to shit because I started having really bad anxiety and the only that seemed to even remotely taste good was Subway or Taco Bell. Finally, I’ve started to get my anxiety under control and so I’m able to eat more food made at home. Working out has not been happening. I’m just to busy, I try to get a short on in here and there but it’s not regular and I wish it was.

As far as goals from this next month, August, I only have 1. I want to really start focusing on giving myself some me time. I’m always agreeing to do everything and nothing for myself. I really need to get back to giving myself some personal time.

For my blog, the upload schedule is now going to be Monday and Fridays. I’m going to be starting school this fall and because I already know that I want to really put as much effort, if not all of it, into school, I know that I need to back off a tiny bit for now. I will not be doing these updates monthly, I just don’t see the point. I may do then bi-monthly or you may not get another one for 3 months, I’m not really sure yet.

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Hope y’all are enjoying the blog!

I’m really trying to make this something I’m proud of!

Love, Megan Anne

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  1. Wow I’ can’t believe how much you grew your social media followers so quick! That’s a great achievement, would love some tips 🙂 x

    S x

    1. I love doing them, but I also hate doing them to often. And yes, I’m trying to really take time for myself.

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