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How To Deal With Anxiety While Living Alone + Tips & Tricks I Use!

I want to be more open about my anxiety and really how I’m dealing with it. One of the biggest questions I do receive is, how do you deal with your anxiety while living alone? And at first, I didn’t really want to answer this question, simply because I didn’t think that it was something I should answer. However, after looking into it a little more, I realized that I couldn’t find much on this. So here are a few things that I do to help with dealing with anxiety while living alone.

  1. I text or call my friend. So one thing that calms me down is talking to someone, and I actually have a friend that I call and talk to when I’m having a really bad anxiety attack. Usually, he can talk me off the ledge and I’m not even really sure how he does it but something about hearing someone else tell me I’m okay, I’ll be okay really helps.
  2. I meditate. I started meditating daily a few months ago when my anxiety jumped through the roof, and now I pretty much meditate on a daily basis. Now, this is one of those mumble jumble things that most people think aren’t true. But honestly taking five minutes a day to just breathe and remind yourself that you are okay and you can only live your life day by day, makes everything seem okay. A while back I had a moment of “oh shit, I need a career” and I thought of the traditional jobs: teacher, nurse, etc. But the reality is, I may not ever fit a “tradition job” and I need to start figuring out how to get to this point.
  3. I remind myself that I am okay, that I am going to be okay, and that I will figure this out. I’m 23, so there is this weird sense of, I need a career in me. I currently feel as if I do not have one, but that I am working towards one. Yes, I may not have it all figured out right now, and yes I may not be able to have the car that I want or go on vacations. But I love what I’m doing and I love what I’m building.
  4. I make a “goals” list and then I make an “action” list. So usually anxiety is brought on by being scared, and I’ll be honest, being scared has been one of the biggest reasons why mine has jumped. But one day I read that if you don’t start, you’ll never get anywhere and so that what I did. I started. I started blogging and now I’m growing. I started because I wanted to and over the past year I have seen such amazing growth. I started this goals list and it’s very basic but it’s something I really find personal and I know that one day I’ll accomplish all of it.
  5. I get out or I call someone over. One of the last things that I do is I either go to someone’s place or I have someone come over. Typically I have someone come over and hold me. I know that may be too much for some of you but for me, having someone hold me really calms me down. It grounds me and settles me. Sometimes you have to get out, sometimes you have to have someone come over. Sometimes being alone one makes it worse and that’s why a lot of people actually do not live alone.

Now, don’t let anxiety stop you from giving living alone a chance. Living a lone is an amazing thing, and something every young adult should experience at least once.

There is one last thing that I want you all to know about when it comes to dealing with Anxiety, and that’s the technique of grounding. What grounding is, is basically a way to ground yourself back to a reality. You are going to look around you, find 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, 1 thing you can taste. This is a way to help to get yourself out of an anxiety attack.

*I just wanted to add here that I am not a professional. These are all just things that I personally have experienced and way that I have found to help myself.*

Love, Megan Anne

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25 thoughts on “How To Deal With Anxiety While Living Alone + Tips & Tricks I Use!”

  1. These are great tactics. And not just for living alone because sometimes the people you love with are the source of your anxiety. Thanks for sharing. We all are just taking it one day at a time! 💕

  2. Calling a friend, meditate, or getting out the house usually works for me. I also like doing yoga. Affirmations help too.

  3. What a great list of coping skills you have developed! I’ve never actually lived alone, but last night was my first for being alone in our new house. I still haven’t figured out why my dog started (continuously) barking at the front window like there was an intruder at 1:30 am. It definitely caused some anxiety, but tired won out. 😀

  4. I actually would follow a few of these tips when I lived alone. Another thing, that I did, was I engulfed myself into World of Warcraft for the 4 years that I, basically, lived by myself, LOL. Now I, by no means, think that people should do this but, being in a guild, and having to complete certain dungeons and tasks with the guild, at certain times (like 4 hours per day for 4 days per week), got my mind off of the fact that I was living by myself, LOL. I would, also, not go to bed until I was REALLY tired… that way, I’d fall right asleep! I’m sure it wasn’t really healthy, the way I dealt with my anxiety, but…. it worked for me ;). Now, I’ll use calming essential oils, like lavender and stress away, to help calm me down. Have you ever tried diffusing essential oils to calm down, Megan Anne? I’m just curious :D. You should really give them a try. They don’t work for everyone, but it’s nice when something works, AND it smells good, lol.

  5. These are great tips! Another thing I would suggest is having a dance party. It sounds super silly but putting on a fun song and dancing because LITERALLY nobody is watching when you live alone really helps me when my other anxiety go-tos fail. I think it’s a combination of the movement/music/exertion that helps refocus my thoughts. Also, something that I found is a “to-done” list to go with your action items list. If you are ever freaking out about career (which I do ALLLLL the time) then making a list of things you have done in your life can be really helpful to help ground you back into reality.

    Thanks for this post too! It’s hard to talk about anxiety but the more others talk about it it keeps the conversation going 🙂

    xox Kelsey

  6. I have 2 kids around your age and I see that they have anxiety about trying to make huge life decisions and I know it can be hard. I am really excited that you are growing from blogging!

  7. Oh gosh, living alone with anxiety would be so hard. I would probably never leave the house. Goals though is hugely important for me to make sure that the anxiety is calmed and focused instead of out of control. You are brave for sharing and keep doing it.

  8. Thank you for being open about anxiety. I get migraines with mine and have recently just started opening up on my blog about it. I’m curious about your action list. How you make it differently from your goals list?

  9. This is a great read Megan. I am sharing these tips and especially the grounding technique with my daughter who recently moved away. She has suffered from anxiety attacks and I know this is going to be helpful to her. Thank you!

  10. Great tips!! In so anxious job environment I think these will be useful to many of my friends. I will send them the tips

  11. I’ve never had this problem, even when I first moved out. Just know that with time, things get better. That’s in all aspects of life.

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