Two Years Living Alone?

So as of yesterday, September 13, 2016 I have officially lived alone for 2 years! Yes, you read that right, 2 whole years of me doing this myself! Now, for some people this isn’t that big of a deal, but personally, I am so proud of myself. Two years ago, I never thought that I would be were I am today. Living in my own apartment, with my own things. Literally, being an adult. My 20 year old self is literally screaming for joy! So, now that I’ve lived alone for 2 years I think I can finally tell y’all some of the things that I have learned. Some things that I have discovered, and things that I never thought, not in a million years, I would be wanting to do, or actually doing. Now, I have done a post about tips for living alone (go check it out lovemegananne.com/tips-for-living-alone/) and a few others, but that is not what this post is. This is just me reflecting on what these past 2 years have really changed in me, what I’ve learned, and where life has brought me so far.

1. It’s kind of scary sometimes. There are moments when I can’t sleep because I hear a noise outside or because I swear I saw a shadow move. It’s my brain, I know that. But I’ve had my moments where I have to stay up till I’m literally falling asleep sitting or take night time medicine to put me out.

2. It’s incredibly liberating. Living alone means that I no longer feel the need to where pants. Like at all. Or even a bra. I still haven’t gotten comfortable to be completely nude but I’m getting there. It’s also liberating in the fact that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Don’t feel like folding laundry? That’s okay, no mom to tell you to. Don’t want to name my bed? That’s okay too! Oh you want to redo you bedroom into a sun? Sure! You don’t have to answer to anyone about you actions.

3. Cleaning, and having a clean home, is so satisfying. Growing up I never completely understood why my mom clean so much. Why the house always had to be presentable when it was only my brothers and I. But now I get it. Before I leave for work everyday, I have to make the bed, fold the blanket on the couch, flux the cushions, wash the dishes. It’s literally a five minute, hit the middle, and my apartment feels amazing to come home to. What’s even better is and your friends come over and you don’t have to say “sorry for the mess” because literally, there is no mess!

4. Rebelling from small rules your mom set is a thing. So growing up, my mom always made us put our shoes up in the closet as soon as we got home. Which made no sense to me because I was going to wear them again the next day. She would get on to us so much because it was literally the biggest deal to her. We had so many arguments. So now, I keep my work shoes, running shoes and a pair of flip flops out all the time. Because I’m a rebellious person.


5. It gets kind of lonely. I won’t lie, sometimes I get lonely. Especially Friday and Saturday nights. Usually what I do in those moments is text a friend, ask if they want to hang out. Go to the grocery store, do some social networking. Get myself talking to someone, and that usually helps. I try and always have at least one thing to do, so that way I don’t go threw this so much.


6. It can be incredibly hard. I’ve had moments where i wish I could just go back to living with my mom but I realize, that’s not my home anymore. My home is here, and I can’t go back.


7. I feel so rewarded to say that I’ve had this experience. A lot of people don’t, they get married or always have roommates. I can say that I did this myself, I handled my shit well enough to never need help. I did this, and I proud of it.


So if you are living alone or thinking about it, leave me a comment with some of the things you’ve learned or if my experience has helped you!

Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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