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Links I’ve Been Loving (Part 2)

So as many of you know, I read a lot of different blogs. Due to things like Pinterest and Facebook, I’ve made it a habit to bookmark a lot of these and then never actually make this post. If you haven’t read my first links I’ve been loving, then I suggest that you go and read that post as well. There are amazing articles and information! Now on to today’s favorites. There is a mix of saving money, routines, recipes and advice post! So have fun, if you check any of these out, make sure you leave a comment and let them know what you think!

  1. How I Save Money (With Minimal Effort)
  2. 5 Ways To Make Monday Better
  3. To The Woman Sitting Alone in Church, Please Stay
  4. 4 Myths About Introverts
  5. 10 Self-Care Ideas
  6. Make $100+ dollars with your blog THIS MONTH!
  7. Fresh Strawberry Pie
  8. 40+ Things You Can Sell To Make Extra Money Right Now
  9. 7 Was To Totally Fail At Cooking
  10. Shopping Addiction I’m Solving Shopping Problem
  11. Sunday Funday
  12. July Favorites – Planners, Pens & Yummy Treats!
  13. Simple Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  14. 10 Ways To Style A White Tee
  15. How To Create The Perfect Instagram Image
  16. Perfect Cheesy Lasagna Recipe
  17. Positivity: 7 Tips For Using The Law of Attraction
  18. 3 Major Obstacles to Success You Need to Avoid
  19. Know Who You Are With These 25 Questions
  20. Tools to Manage Chore Thread Anxiety

What is your favorite link from above? Let me know!

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