June Favorites 2016

Well hello, these are some of my favorites products/app (yes, an app) of June 2016! Yeah, yeah, I know it’s coming out in July, but duh, that only makes since! All right, so let’s get into this…

  1. The Original Donut Shop Coffee – Besides the obvious that it’s coffee (and coffee is simple amazing), this is a new brand (new to me), and I’ve gotta say, I am in love! Now, for a while, I always drank starbucks k-cups, and it’s not bad, but I needed something new. Now, I do like HiLineCoffee.com, but if you don’t like having to wait for coffee in the mail, I defiantly recommend this brand for K-Cups! (Also, I did a product/coffee review on HiLine Coffee, check that out at Coffee Review)
  2. Bar Keepers Friends – This is a product to help clean, polish, and also removes rust! This product is great on stainless steal, but works GREAT on other sink types! This product was only about $2 after tax (I believe), and did a great job ! I used the product to remove a stubborn rust spot that I couldn’t seem to get off! And this, did the trick! Basically all you do is this: You get the area wet, and then you sprinkle some on top, let it sit for a few seconds, then take a wet (or damp) sponge, and scrub away the rust stains, and then rinse with cold water (no longer then a minute after applying). It’s an incredibly fast process! And works amazing! Okay, so I actually did a FULL remove on this product, so if you want to go check that out, go and check it out here – Product Review – Bar Keepers Help.
  3. Dove Dry Spray – This is a product that isn’t necessarily new, but it is new to me. Basically it’s a dry deodorant spray, and if you live in the south currently, with the way the summer is going, you are going to be sweating up a storm! I personally was finding that just regular deodorant just wasn’t enough, and also that it was really irritating to my underarms. So, I tried this, and not only did this help with the irritation, but also, I believe it stays on a lot better!

    Love, Megan Anne
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