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January 2017 – Round-Up & Updates


 Hi Y’all!

So, January has come and gone so incredibly fast. I can’t even honestly believe that it’s already over. This month has been just an emotional one, with things going on in my personal life that I’m not really ready to talk about with everyone or anyone yet and my writer’s block, I’ve actually been so ready for this month to be over. But all at the same time, I’m not. I’m going to discuss basically everything that has happened over this past month, blog post, youtube videos, fitness and social media. This will be a longer post, so bare with me. Also, at the very end, there will be a link to all this past month’s blog post and the videos I have posted!

Fitness Updates

  • As far as my fitness goes, it’s not the greatest. I’m not back to work out 5 days a week yet, but I have been getting atleast 2  – 3 work outs in. I have been battleing a bad case of insomina these past two weeks, so that defiantly makes it hard for me to get up and work out. I have been doing at home work outs, “yoga” (quotes becausae I know I’m not good) and meditating. I meditate almost everyday, usually in the morning. That’s probably my favorite thing to do and favorite time of the day to because it’s already usually pretty calm and I can start my day off feeling good.

Weight / Diet Updates

  • So, in my first post of the year (here), I said that I would not be checking my weight. Okay, well I have a friend that I talk to about my weight and working out alot, so she bugged me for about 3 days to check my weight and I caved. Give me a little credit, I held out for three days. But anyways, I did check my weight and I am actually down to 230lbs! Again, just like in that post, I say that I know that’s a lot. Trust me, I know. But let’s just say that I started this month out at 238lbs, so I lost eight pounds in one month! That brings my total weight loss to 25lbs!
  • Now, I will say that my clothes are all starting to fit me big or werid in differen’t areas. My pants are getting big but like I said before (here) I’ve worn the same size pants for four years, even when I went from 220 to 255. So, I don’t honestly except to lose that anytime so. I do think I will soon be back to wearing XL in some shirts.

Social Media Number Updates

  • There were certin goals that I wanted to meet for my social media platforms and these were them:
    • Instagram – 1k by 2018, so 38 – 40 followers per month
    • Twitter – 15k by 2018, so 48 – 50 folllowers per month
  • What I started out the year with:
    • Instagram – 542 followers
    • Twitter – 914 followers
  • What I currently have:
    • Instagram – 528 Followers (2/3/2017)
    • Twitter – 996 Followers (2/3/2017)
  • As far as instagram goes, I defiantly took a bite and feel about 20 followers, but I will say that this is usually what happens. As of late, my number have not fallen below 525, so I think that means I have atleast 525 followers that are legit followers. With that being said, I’m pretty sure this new month will go up, and not down.
  • Twitter was amazing this month. I did start using a new scheduling app, Crowdfire, and I have been loving it. It’s a little different than then one I had been previosuly been using, Dashboard, but I have seen results from the more scheduled tweets. The fact that I’m almost at 1k is pretty cool and amazing honestly.

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Youtube Videos

Let’s make this next month a good month! Here’s to another month of blogging, and having fun!
Love, Megan Anne
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