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How To Double Your Following on Instagram + 7 Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement

Instagram can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Let’s be real with each other, we’ve all had our moments where we think “why are we even bothering with this?” because I’ve been there too!

Now here is the thing, you really have to put in the effort in order to get the gains, just like in the gym. Nothing happens over night, well unless you go viral, but realistically, nothing happens over night.

So unless you are planning on going viral, you are going to really need to work on what you are putting out.

There are TONS of articles on how to grow your Instagram, and I am by no means saying that these tips are the one that will work. These are the things that I have done over the past 6 months that have really been helping grow my Instagram account.

Also, my account is not one of those accounts that has a very large following (yet) but this is very realistic for the everyday person.

Before we get into these tips, check out why you need to be using Grammarly!

Not only for your blog but also for planning out your social media content!

Let’s get into these tips on how to grow your Instagram engagement!

1. Promote Your Post On Other Social Media ProfilesI will be the first one to say that I HATED doing this at first because I thought that it was going to come across as rude. But it’s really not rude, and actually, give people who may not have seen the original post the chance to see it.

Also, it shows that you are super excited about whatever it is that you are promoting and it makes people happy to see you excited!

Now, I am going to be doing a whole post about Instagram Story tips and tricks to using it for self-promotion, so stay tuned for that!

2. Interact with the people you followYes, this is the PERFECT excuse to spend an hour going through your feed, because you can just call it “work”. This is one of those “duh” things, but one way to get people to look at your photos is to comment and like there’s.

Especially if it’s someone that you don’t normally talk to or even someone you just followed, this shows that you are actually an active user! Also, you give what you get. Give some love to someone else and you will get that back in return!

3. Use All 30 Hashtags. You heard me correct all 30 hashtags. With Instagram you can only tag 30 hashtags, now I know that seems like a crazy amount of hashtags to use but there have been actual studies that show the more hashtags you use, the more people will see your photo.

Here are few other articles that I have used to not only find good hashtags but also the hashtags that would work well for the content that I am sharing:

My Favorite Hashtags To Get Noticed And Grow Your Instagram, & Best Hashtags For Lifestyle Bloggers

4. Be Active. This goes with out saying, but you need to actually be active and posting regularly in order to actually get anyone interested in your page! If someone looks at your page and you haven’t posted anything in a while, they probably will not follow you.

Posting daily does seem time-consuming and scary, but hear me out. It’s really not that hard to find content to post every day.

Here’s a tip, that I wish I would have known a few months ago, take tons of photos one day and then post them over the next couple days/weeks with relevant captions! And YES people do read the captions on your photos if you do it the correct way!

5. Write a BOMB caption. Now, I will not say that I know everything about this but this is basically the act of using a “call to action“, in other words, asking a question.

Now, this can either be relevant to the photo, so if you posted a photo of a flower, you could ask “what is your favorite flower?” or “comment and let me know what your favorite flower is.

Or the other option is to ask a question about your caption. So if your caption is talking about your recent blog post you could ask a question that is relevant to what that blog post is about.

Here is an article that talks more about how to optimize your Instagram caption:

How To Write The Perfect Caption On Instagram

6. Post Daily. I know that a lot of people hear this and go “UGH” but I promise, this is one of the best ways to start getting engagement on your photos.

Here’s the thing, with Instagrams algorithm, the posts that show up in someone’s timeline are those that are not only getting likes on them but the ones that are getting comments on them!

But also, it shows people that you are an active user.

I know personally if I go to follow someone and they haven’t posted anything in a few days, a week or even longer, I’m less likely to follow them. I love seeing that people are active and I don’t really want to follow someone that isn’t even posting on a regular basis.

7. Respond To CommentsYes, even those comments that are only a few words, reply with an emoji, an ‘lol’ but always reply. Here’s what happens when you reply, you are bettering your chance of your photo being on someone else’s timeline.

Just like I mentioned early, see #4, the new Instagram algorithm basically works in the favor of creators who are getting tons of attraction to a post.

So to try and beat the algorithm, you need to start not only getting people to comment on your post, see #5, but you also need to show them that you actually see the comments that they are leaving!

Obviously, this goes for any type of comment, whether it’s the short one-word ones or the long story in the comments, ALWAYS respond to them!

Instagram engagement is one of the hardest things to come by, especially with the new Instagram algorithm, so you have to work on what you are putting out all the time.

Yes, you have to actually work in order to make your Instagram the place that you want, but I promise you will be glad you did it in the end!

Love, Megan Anne

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29 thoughts on “How To Double Your Following on Instagram + 7 Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement”

  1. Thanks for sharing your tips! We’ve been trying to up our social media game these last few weeks. Twitter has been the most difficult for us because we simply forget. With Instagram being the highlight of social media, it’s hard to find a way to split our time between all relevant social media platforms.

  2. Great tips! It’s funny that people think there is some secret to growing Instagram, but it really is all about the work you put in to it!

  3. I find IG so frustrating as I feel like I can post the most boring photo and get 100+ likes then take ages getting the perfect photo of a product, editing 10 different versions of it and then finally posting it to only just hit 30 likes when I have over 1000 followers because of the stupid algorithm! It’s such a pain, these tips are really helpful though and I’ll definitely be trying to promote my IG on other platforms now!!
    Alice Xx

  4. I struggle with instagram so much but this has been so helpful! I never knew that you could use 30 hashtags, would you advise putting them in caption or in comments? Also posting daily is my new goal, as I see my instagram grow so much when I do! x

  5. I’m in the “worst enemy” stage so this is definitely helpful! It’s encouraging to see how far you’ve come in a year!

  6. Instagram and I have a love hate relationship. Some months I do really well with gaining followers and others not so much. These are all great tips and what I’ve done over the past few months to grow mine as well.

  7. I’m ready to up my game on IG. Your tips are fabulous and very helpful. I love that you’re taking several photos one day and then posting them with relevant captions throughout the week. 🙂

  8. Great tips! I’m trying to keep up the momentum working hard to be actively engaged on my Blog’s instagram

  9. These are really helpful tips! I definitely need to increase the amount of hashtags I use and need to dedicate some time to commenting on others’ photos too.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing – I really would like my Insta following to grow more. I’ll keep plugging at it!

  11. This was super helpful, I feel like socials are easy to use so no one looks for the proper way to use it you know? So there are tricks that you may not know but that are super helpful to up your game! Idk if I’m making any sense XD I think what I’m trying to say is: “this was super helful, I’ll save it and use it, thank you for sharing” 😀 Would you mind check out my page? Maybe we can follow each other and be internet friends! I’d mean the world to me.
    Love, Mimi

  12. Great tips. i do need to connect my Instagram to my twitter account. I also try to ask a question at the end of posts to give people a reason to comment. i’m going to go count my hashtags and see if there are any I should be using. Thanks!

  13. I can’t wait to try these suggestions. Instagram has been a bit intimidating to me because I’m not fully comfortable using it. I guess that the more I use it, the easier it will get.

  14. Really loved all these tips and was nodding along while reading this post 🙂 I have had a love/hate relationship with Instagram. Mostly, love 🙂 Because I genuinely love the platform. And even though some people call it “fake” because of its curated content, I believe it’s a lot more real than, say, Facebook. I will be taking one of the point you made as a sign – I really need to put more effort into a) everyday posting & b) replying to comments better!!! <3
    xox Nadia

  15. Great tips! I often plan to do all of these things but then I run out of time. Now to figure out time management.

  16. Such a good post, Instagram is my favorite and least favorite social media. It’s so hard to get engagement and followers but so pleasant to scroll the feed!

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