I Have A Problem.

I have a problem. A serious problem.

I. Am. Addicted. To. Coffee.

Literally, life for me revolves around when I can get coffee. During the week, I have coffee in the morning before I get ready for work. On the weekends, if I don’t get it in the mornings, then as soon as I leave the house I am stopping some where to getting coffee.

So, here I am to say “Hi, my name is Megan and I am addicted to coffee.”

It’s truly not just caffeine, because I truly love the taste of coffee, and I’m not talking about like Mocha’s or Camel Lattes, I just love regular old coffee, but I can enjoy a latte here and there.

But anyways, there isn’t really a point to this because I won’t stop enjoying my coffee. So my coffee addiction lives on!

Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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