How I Plan Out Blog Posts & How To Be Flexible With Blog Post

One of the biggest things that I’ve been questioned on is, “how do you plan out your blog post?” And while I can explain how I plan out my blog post, the reality is, is that post wouldn’t be very long and really be worth what you think it is. I will be having a blog post coming up very soon on how to plan out a single post, basically how to outline to get ahead. I thought that it would be a good idea to share with y’all a post about how I have a schedule but also how I stay flexible with my schedule.

The biggest, and honestly the most important part of being able to be flexible with your blog schedule you need to have an actual schedule. Now if you’re like me sometimes, I cannot come up with more then a weeks worth of post sometimes, but I do know what kind of post I want to have up every week. So let’s talk about that.

So saying that a month is four weeks, in four weeks I typically like to post at least 3 times a week. That comes up to 12 posts in a month, which can defiantly seem overwhelming, but don’t let it be overwhelming. Don’t let it scare you, just think of it as you have 12 opportunities to put out good content. So that is what we will talk about next.

So obviously you want to have some idea of what you want to write about and you also want to make sure you aren’t overwhelming your readers with a certain type of blog post in a short amount of time. An example is you probably don’t want to upload two social media post in one week or two reflection post in one week. Obviously, this might now be true if your blog is social media tips orientated or fashion orientated. Obviously, if you’re blog is more niche orientated then it’s a tad different. But if you are a blog similar in style to mine, then you understand the want to talk about many different subjects. So planning out what types of post you want to publish this month.

So I typically like to have 3 types of post, social media related, lifestyle, and personal or reflection post. So that means, with a 12 post a month goal, I will have 4 of each of these post. So here’s a more visual rundown of what I’m saying.

  • Week One
    • 1 social media or blogging post
    • 1 lifestyle post
    • 1 personal or reflection post
  • Week Two
    • 1 social media or blogging post
    • 1 lifestyle post
    • 1 personal or reflection post
  • Week Three
    • 1 social media or blogging post
    • 1 lifestyle post
    • 1 personal or reflection post
  • Week Four
    • 1 social media or blogging post
    • 1 lifestyle post
    • 1 personal or reflection post

Now this is my personal schedule and you can see how it worked:

Okay, that’s my schedule for what I’m planning to post. But now this is where flexibility comes into play. Having a schedule is amazing and I honestly believe that I couldn’t run this blog without one but all at the same time, I don’t allow this schedule to run everything. The way I look at this is that this is more of a rough draft. Now y’all will notice that I missed 2 Friday post, that was not because I didn’t have something planned but because I didn’t feel like writing those post or I just didn’t feel like I wanted to publish those post.

That’s one way I’ve learned how to be flexible with the blog post but another way is that I offer a guest post on my blog. So I typically will either put out a tweet saying “hey if you’d like to guest post on, go ahead and send me DM and we can chat.” or something along those lines. So now, if I have a schedule already planned out, how do I put in a guest post on that plan. I personally like to use the “personal/reflection” section to put a guest post in. So those post are the ones that I will move around because those are usually able to be published whenever and can be published on different dates without it mattering.

So the last section of type of blog post I will sometimes publish is Tags and Awards. Many of you have seen them, Falling For FallGet To Know Me Blogger TagBlogger Recognition AwardThe Time Next Year Tag, and the list goes on and on. Those are the post that I don’t really like to post to often because I like to have them when I want to have a “filler” post. Now a lot of people really don’t like to talk about this, but sometimes you just need a quick fix filler and sometimes you just don’t publish sometimes.

To clarify, these are my best tips on how to have a schedule but also be flexible.

  • Know what type of post you want to publish. Whether you are lifestyle blog (like mine) and you publish different types of post. And this could really go for a niche. Whether you are a food blogger and you post a dessert, a meal plan and a dinner in a week. Plan out what type of post you’d like to get published during a span of a week and then use that to plan the rest of the month.
  • Think about your blog schedule a month out. Write what post you want to publish and then put them into the schedule that works for you. Try not to publish to many similar types of a post at the same time. Having a schedule will allow you to know what you are going to be writing and what you want to get published this coming month. You don’t need to sit and write out these post in one day by any means, but having an outline of post that you plan on publishing, will help to keep you consistent.
  • If you don’t feel like writing something, then don’t write it. I have had my moments when I just don’t feel like writing and that’s why I didn’t have a post up on two Fridays. And here’s a bigger secret, I didn’t feel bad about the fact. This is exactly what I tell people when they ask how to stay consistent on your blog. If you are not in the mood or in the right mindset to write something, do not force yourself to write it. Your readers can totally tell when you don’t actually want to write something and I promise you will look back and hate that.
  • Learn to be okay with “filler” post. I know a lot of people like to try and act like they never just want to put something up quick and get it out but I’ll be real with y’all. Sometimes I like to have these post to put up because it makes life so much easier. But I don’t make it a constant thing. Learn how to be okay with this idea.

What is one thing you are going to be giving a try?

Love, Megan Anne

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9 thoughts on “How I Plan Out Blog Posts & How To Be Flexible With Blog Post”

  1. I have a similar technique as you, where I choose each day of the week what type of post I want. I agree with being flexible, many times I have too much school work or not feeling good so I don’t post.
    Love this tips!
    To Read With Tea

  2. I have a similar schedule, except it’s blogging, social media, and business tips and I rotate them out and I only post twice a week 🙂

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I try to post a couple of times a week but need to actually do a schedule.

  4. I am now creating a blogging schedule for myself. I think it will help limit the overwhelm. I found this post to be very helpful. Thank you 🙂

  5. You are so detailed in explaining how you plan blog posts. I love it! I plan my posts also but I would like to try planning with your method.

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