Tips To Handle Stress

  1. Drinking a streaming hot cup of black coffee. As weird as it may sound, when I drink hot coffee, I feel so much clearer. Coffee is my way of clearing my mind. Now, if you are a tea person, drink tea, it should have the same result!
  2. Go for a long, sweaty, hot walk. When I need to handle something, going for a walk, outside, really helps to clear my mind. Being on with the world, and enjoying the sun, makes everything seem so simple. Also, when I do this, I tend to walk like three (or four even) miles. But really, if you aren’t up for all that, do what works for you.
  3. A cold shower. I know, i know, how does this help with stress? Okay, I know, it sounds… weird. But cold showers help to calm your body. Most people would argue and say “Megan, hot showers are a lot more relaxing” but I’m not trying to relax. Next time you’re stressed the heck out, take a cold shower!
  4. Meditating. I find that when I’m having a really stressful day/week/month/whatever, meditiating really helps!  And as of lately, I’ve actually added meditating to my morning workout rutine. It helps to calm my mind for a few moments, and also help me to be clear all day. The great thing about meditating is that you don’t have to do it for a hour to get results. Personally, unless I’m doing yoga, I only have about five or ten minutes, but I get the same results.
  5. Eating a clean diet. Now, I am guilty of not eating a “clean” diet, because I’m still learning eactly what “clean” is. But I have done about three days, and here’s the thing, I felt GREAT while doing it. So, I defiantly would try that for a longer period of time.

Now, these last three are things I do while getting ready for bed.

6. Writing down things that I’m great full  for. Basically, I write down things that I am very happy about that day. I do this a few minutes before I close my eyes for the night. Now I may not do this every night, but espeically on days when I am feeling down, and feeling stressed, it feels nice to have something in writing stating what I am great full for.

7. Turning my phone on silent. I have a rule, basically the rule is that on weeknight, after 11:30pm, my phone is on silent, and I have music playing. I do not touch my phone, and unless you are on my favorites list, your calls/texts will not come threw. You will have to wait till the morning. This is something that I started doing about six months ago, basically, what it is, is that the brightness from your cell phone can cause you to straign your eyes, and causes you to wake up. It is really bad to spend all day looking at your phone, so having that thirty minute detox before you go to bed, is amazing. Also, in the morning, I don’t check my phone until 30 minutes AFTER I’ve woken up.

8. Going to bed early. On those really stressful days, were everything just seems to be going wrong and like it just not your friend, take my advice, and just go to bed early. Get it nice and cold, turn the lights out and just fall asleep. Everything will be clearer in the morning.

Hopefully this helped some of y’all, and y’all can take my tips and handle stress better! Hope y’all have a wonderful day/night/morning/evening whatever!

Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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