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How I Dealt With A Breakup

Recently I put out a post entitled “To The Girls Who love Easily” and in this post, I talked about how it is very easy for girls who love easily to get their hearts broken. (If you want to check that out, click this link). When I was 18 years old, I went through a pretty bad breakup, and I got my heartbroken. Now, I won’t say names or even the details but basically, things were said to some else, and they were not appropriate and were intentionally kept a secret from me. This was not my first break up, but this one was way worse than the other few I’d had in the past. So basically, when I and this guy broke up, I did a lot of things I probably shouldn’t.

  1. I drake way too much, and drunk dialed him.
  2. I tried to be friends too soon after
  3. I let my friends (they totally had good intentions) talk me into believing he was this horrible person.

I was a wreck, and heartbroken, but I will say, I didn’t show it a lot. There’s only one real time I think (other than my initial reaction to it all) that I truly showed how hurt I had been. My friends and I were driving somewhere and this song come on the Radio, and of course it was this guy’s favorite song. And of course, I couldn’t stand to listen to it. But at the time, this was a very popular song, and everyone loved it. So what do I do? I immediately turned the radio off, mid-verse, mid-everyone singing, and just didn’t say anything. So, I basically hid behind booze, and fake smiles for a while in front of my friends. But once I truly realized that I need to get over it, and move on, I did these things.

  1. I started spending more time with myself.
    Okay, sounds pretty basic and simple, but truthfully, I wasn’t spending much time alone back then. I would go to work, then get off, go home and change, then go hang out with a friend, and then come home and sleep, and then get up and repeat. So one day, I decided that I wasn’t going to go out. And that’s exactly what I did, I indulged in Netflix, and youtube for a day, and just really connected to myself.
  2. I started a youtube channel.
    No, it wasn’t a big success like I thought, and that’s mostly because it was a lot of work. Blogging is just as much, if not more (I’m not really sure, they both require editing) work. But, I did this in order to try and get what I need to say out of me. I’ve always been very comfortable in front of a camera, it’s never bothered me. If I had tried more, probably would have done better!
  3. I started dating other guys.
    This sounds like a no-brainer, but at the same time, I’ve also had people tell me that I shouldn’t date anyone. But, I honestly felt like I needed to . Not to complete me, because that should never be a reason to date someone, but because it was nice to see how different people were from what I’d known.

These are just a few of things I did to get over my breakup and this is by no means the things you should do. Four years later, and I’m pretty happy actually. Am I over that guy? Well, that’s a story for another day. But I did eventually move on from that breakup and I was able to forgive him.

Life get’s easier, and eventually, you move on and you forgive and/or forget. Don’t let heartbreak or a bad break up define you. It’s not okay to allow yourself to be so altered by sometimes that you can literally take hold of and move on.

Also, there is this very great challenge over on Pop Sugar’s Website for a 30-day challenge for people who are going through a breakup that came out in April of 2016! I didn’t do this (obviously) but I read through it and it seems like a pretty good idea! To learn more, click here!

If you did any of the things I did when dealing with a breakup, let me know down below. And if anything I said in this post helped you in any way, please leave me a comment (or you can DM me!) and let me know!

If you have any suggestions as to what I should write about next please leave a comment (another) in the comments below!


Love, Megan Anne
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