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Beat The Busy Christmas Craze With Mindfulness! Guest Post by Ellisha B.

Hey everyone, so today’s post is actually a guest post in the series this month over mindfulness. To check out the first post in this series, click here: 5 Ways to Spread Festive Cheer This Christmas. Make sure to leave a comment for the writer & check out her blog once you’ve read this post. 

Mindfulness is the ability to be present and fully aware our surroundings and the situation instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Christmas is a huge date on many people’s calendar and the festive period can bring with it a whole lot of stress. What presents do I buy? What food do I cook? How do I cater for everyone’s needs?  If you need gift guides or festive food ideas, head on over to my blog  for some inspiration! But, for now, here are my top tips on staying grounded over the busy festive period!

  1. Stay organised
    • Write to do lists and check them off as you go along, this will ensure peace of mind while you are getting organized for the big day
  1. Buy as many presents in advance
    • Not only can you take full advantage of the sales, but this will allow you to shop savvy and also prevent you from doing that crazy last minute shopping on the week before Christmas. Ensure you know what you want to buy for everyone on your list and go out either physically or online to buy that product at the best price.
  1. Allow time for yourself
    • While Christmas can feel like you are running around like a headless chicken trying to make it the most magical Christmas for everyone else, ensure you spend time on yourself too. Do a mini at home facial with your favourite face mask or snuggle up on the sofa with a festive movie. Enjoy!
  2. Prepare ahead
    • When the big day comes, no one wants to be chained to the kitchen, unless this is the part you really enjoy about the festive period. If not, ensure you prepare as much food as possible in advance e.g. peel the potatoes the day before, make the Christmas pudding ahead, so that on Christmas day you can cut down the time in the kitchen.
  3. Practice your mediation!
    • If you’re new to meditation, simply google it and short meditation exercises will pop up. I highly recommend taking time out of each day to meditate. You will feel all the better for it. Meditation has many advantages including mindfulness, restfulness, ability to focus more and lower stress levels.

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Love always,

Ellisha b.

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  • I agree with being mindful this Christmas season. Meditation, To do list’s, Preparing & planning ahead always works for me. Thanks for sharing!