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Value and Benefits of Non-Violence – Guest Post by Cynthia Guajardo

Hey, everyone, this is going to be another guest post! So Cynthia reached out to me via email, and when I saw this article I said: “YES, this needs to be put out on the internet.” So, please read this and if you take anything away from it please leave a comment and let us know!

Value and Benefits of Non-Violence

In this modern age, the importance and value of non-violence is really high. We live in a world where aggression and violence is prevalent. In general, non-violence is the use of non-violent or peaceful way, not compulsion or power, to fetch political or social change. The concept of non-violence became famous around the world through Mahatma Gandhi and he expanded the code of nonviolence from the personal to the social and political sphere. Nonviolent action is all about rejection of passivity, aggression, violence, and submission. Non-Violence is an absence or lack of violence and the situation of keeping away from violence. It is a great tool for fighting against oppression, injustice, discrimination, cruelty, and many more.

In the modern era, nonviolent ways of action have been an authoritative weapon for social and political protest and revolutionary social and political change. Nonviolent resistance and nonviolent revolution have shown to be effective than aggressive protest. There are in fact some movements influenced by the notion of nonviolence including Mahatma Gandhi’s successful nonviolent fight against British rule in India, Martin Luther King’s embracing of Gandhi’s nonviolent ways in his movements to succeed civil rights for African Americans and César Chávez’s operations of nonviolence in the 1960s to fight for the treatment of farm workers in California.

Here are some of the importance, Values, and Benefits of Non-Violence:

Harmonize Relationships among People

One of the top benefits of non-violence is that it has the ability to harmonize relationships among people. A top issue that people face in the today’s world is that there is no harmonize relationships among people and it leads people to show their aggressive behavior to each other. Aggression and violence can never bring harmony amid people and society. It will lead to many issues and results in hostility amid people. Hence, nonviolence stands as a great approach to harmonize relationships among people. Nonviolence can be used for setting up justice in our society and also provide a safe place to live in.

Negation to Cause Harm

Nonviolence is not only the absence of violence but it also denotes negation to cause harm. People have a natural inclination to harm people whom they hate and don’t like. People used to hurt people who are their enemies and not in their favor. If people follow the principles of Nonviolence, they will never harm other for any purposes. If people avoid harming others, they can establish peace in their society and create a lot of harmony in the society. People won’t kill each other and hurt each other if they take one the concept of Nonviolence.

Full of Love

Nonviolence can fill the hearts of people with full of love. One of the main issues that our society faces at the moment is a lack of love. People don’t love each other these days and we can observe fake love. People love to hate each other and cause harm to each other. Lack of love can lead to war, chaos, and rivalry between people, societies, and nations. As a result, it is important for people to move to the ideas of nonviolence as it has the ability to fill love in the minds of people and society we live in.


One of the top benefits of nonviolence is that it promotes forgiveness amid people. Non-violence is a philosophy and approach for social transformation but it declines the use of violence. It considers nonviolent resistance as an alternative to a passive acknowledgment of oppression or armed fight. Forgiveness among people is essential for them to take hand in hand irrespective of race, culture, language, ethnicity, and nationality. People can learn the principles of forgiveness if they practice nonviolence attitude in their life.

Kindness and Compassion

People have started to bring into play nonviolent tactics of struggle from a broad array of views and traditions. Another top importance and value of nonviolence is that it fosters kindness and compassion. Non-violence denotes engaging in a struggle or crusade for justice, freedom and peace compassionately and with kindness. At present, non-violence is not just ethically relevant and indispensable but it is the very must for human survival as well.

Bring Public Awareness

Nonviolence can be used to bring public awareness. Nonviolent acts of protest and resistance are actions carried out by a group of people to reveal their support as well as dissatisfaction. The aim of Nonviolence action is to increase public awareness to an issue. It is used to win over or influence a certain group of people. Without a doubt, by means of nonviolent actions, the message can be delivered to the public, opposite groups and also to the people distressed by a problem. Some of the common ways of nonviolent protest and persuasion consist of speeches, public communications, petitions, art, marches, public assemblies, etc.

Awakens People’s Consciences

One of the main advantages of Nonviolence is that it awakens people’s consciences. Violent techniques of resistance to an issue will certainly stimulate people’s egos, aggressive behaviors and promote hostility. Violent forms of resistance will result in some type of damage rather than positive results. On the other hand, non-violent activism rouses people’s consciences and it can results in active participation of people without ego and aggressive attitude. If you don’t attack people physically, other will not attack you physically. Nonviolence can bring amazing results and it never gives stress on physical attacks.

Other Benefits

  • One huge advantage of the non-violent approach is that people’s time is not done in.
  • Make the most of the opportunities obtainable in the current conditions.
  • Moral behavior keeps out the use of violence and it considers that violence is never ending and can never present a way to a firmly peaceful solution or end.
  • Nonviolent practices take account of civil disobedience, non-co-operation, passive resistance and nonviolent direct action in order to attain an aim rather than making physical harm.
  • Violent practices look for oppressing, controlling or annoying people to attain objectives but Nonviolence is an effectual method to manage conflicts through ingenuity, vision, planning, patience, and dedication.

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