The Best Blogging Advice I’ve Received

Hey, guys! So I have received a ton of advice over the past year and a half, in the context of blogging. Some of it has been really good and then some aren’t so great. I’ll be honestly with y’all, not everything works for everyone. Every blog is different and every person is different. There is one thing that I want to state, just a PSA, if someone’s not asking for advice, please don’t give it. DMing someone something like “your blog is amazing BUT you could do blah blah blah…” that is just one of the rudest you can do to someone. It’s one thing if they’re asking and it’s another if you think you’re so high and mighty. Okay, sorry I just had to get that off my chest and let y’all know. Giving advice is something that can be taken 2 way, good or bad. So here is some good blogging advice I’ve received.

  1. 80 / 20. So if you don’t know what this means, sit back because it sounds crazy. Many of us think that if you put more content out, then you’ll end up with more page views. This isn’t true. I hate to say it because even I would like to believe I could just put something out and get a crazy number of page views. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. So the 80 / 20 rule is basically 20% blogging, writing the post, editing the post, photography/graphics, and then 80% marketing and planning. When I first started blogging I spent more time than I should have writing content and nearly enough time marketing/planning / socializing.
  2. Join Facebook groups. I cannot tell y’all how annoying facebook groups can honestly be, BUT they are super great for socializing, getting your content out there, and also seeing new content. This goes back to the 80 / 20 rule because this falls in the 80% part. You will legit spend soooooo much time in facebook groups. One thing I can say is that if you do use facebook groups, sometimes it’s good to take a break from one and use a different one for a while. One thing that I experience a lot is that if new members aren’t being added, then you’ll eventually end up with the same people and not actually getting your content out to new people.
  3. If you don’t feel like you’re moving, you are not working hard enough. Back when I first started blogging, I didn’t understand why I wasn’t moving up in page views. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t gaining traction at all. But, I’ll tell y’all why, because I wasn’t working at it. I was literally just barely doing anything as far as marking.  I wasn’t putting myself out there and I wasn’t allowing my stuff to be found. After about 6 months I decided that I wanted my blog to grow. I wanted it to gain traction and I realized I needed to put more working to my blog, into my social media, because no one would just know who I am if I didn’t start trying to reach out to others.
  4. Consistency is key. Okay, earlier I know I said uploading all the time does not also mean that you get major page views BUT having a constant upload schedule will help to create a sense of security for the readers. It’s similar to when you’re favorite YouTubers have a schedule of uploading every Monday and Wednesday. It’s just something that helps you feel like you can trust that person. Well, the same goes for your blog. So take, for example, I upload new content 3 days a week, Monday and Friday are my own content and Wednesdays are guest post/book reviews. You can be sure that you will see that content on those days, those are also the days that I get the most page views. Want to know why? Becuase my loyal readers are looking for the content that I promised them.

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What is the best blogging advice you’ve ever received?

Leave it in the comments & let me know!

Love, Megan Anne

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  • Jen Enoch

    This was perfect timing for me! I just started working out my schedule. I’ve been blogging for a while now have been super casual at it. I know that if I want to make any movement I’ve got to do some of that 80% stuff. Great points here.

  • Safa

    Spot on! Great advice, Thanks. 🙂

  • Yep I have to agree Megan. I find all these things to be true as a fairly new blogger.

  • Yes! My husband doesn’t get why I spend soooo much time on social media, and facebook groups, rather than actually blogging! But it is SO important!

    I am so guilty of not doing the last one though – even very recently I am late posting my linky 🙁 Must work on my scheduling/ consistency!

  • April Kitchens

    This is some great advice. The 80/20 is a big one for me. I was struggling with trying to blog daily! When now I know that it’s not quantity, it is quality.

  • Raina Reddecliff

    Thank you so much for sharing! Super helpful tips to get me started.

  • Talisa Garbo

    I think the best advice I’ve heard (well, more like reinforced, becuase I knew it was part & parcel of blogging anyway) is to read LOTS! Not just other blogs (of course), but news, etc. Stay up to date.

  • Great advice. The biggest challenge for me is staying consistent and doing enough marketing. I like the way you described it as 80/20. That makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing this advice.

  • Regina Garson

    What wonderful advice. That 80/20 thing is what stumps, more like completely stops, more writers than anything else. No matter how good a writer you are, if your writing is not out in front of the right people, meaning your particular audience, it isn’t going anywhere.

  • Bailey

    One of the best blogging advice posts I’ve ever read. 80/20 is SO spot on.

  • I hate that you have to spend more time on marketing than writing, I feel like it defeats the object. I am seriously frustrated with blogging at the moment

    • Megan Anne ❄️

      Yeah, it can be very annoying at first but over time you can eventually you can back of a little bit by little bit and let things run its self. But marketing is still so important to make sure your content is really getting seen by new people.

  • Fana Gijimani

    This is so true! I’ve noticed the weeks that I don’t spend much time marketing/socializing, my page views drop considerably. By the way, I found your blog post through a Facebook group thread so there you go!:)