Oh my, this is a post that I’ve actually been working on for months. Yes, I said it, months.  Usually, when I write for my blog, it’s a simple couple day product. The reason this has taken me so long, seriously, is because I needed to get all my thoughts together.

Now, they’re all together, here are a few of goals:

*Note: These aren’t necessarily only blog related or my personal life related, these are a mix.*

  1. I want to make a living doing something that helps others.
    Let me explain, I don’t necessarily know what I mean by this. Just hold on, what I mean by that is that I don’t know how to do what I want to do. I’m currently working on taking my blog to the next level. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m getting a better out reason to more and more people. I’m a very big believer in self-love, doing what makes you happy, and following your dreams. For me, this is a very unconventional, very not the norm, type of “job” but eventually I want this to be more than just a blog.
  2. I want to travel and not worry about having to follow a strict schedule.
    This goes along a lot with the one above it. My whole adult life (four years) I’ve worked pretty much all the time. And even now, I work an M-F job, and I’m stuck in the confines of that job. I need a job, so obviously I have to do this. Maybe this is a dream, but again, I’m big on following dreams, so eventually, I will get there.
  3. I want to get a degree.
    I’m not really sure what in, or where, or what type, but I defiantly want to get a degree and be able to say that I have one.
  4. I want to be completely independent.
    Now, don’t get my wrong, I am independent but what I mean is that I no longer rely on my mom. I currently still rely on my mom to do laundry, get me things that I want (which isn’t always a bad thing), and just other little things that I know eventually I need AND want to take. I just want to be able to say I truly did it all myself, and I know that maybe one of those dreams that are out there, but it’s something I really want.

So, yeah. These are my goals or dreams, personally, I believe that your goals should be your dreams. They’re a little unconventional, and somewhat, unrealistic but truthful you never know where life will take you or hand you So, follow your dreams, make them goals and never stop trying. If y’all want to know anything else, leave a comment down below and ask!


Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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