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To The Girls Who Are Naturally Happy

In the recent post of this series I have talked about the girls who love easily (click right over there for more info). When I wrote that post, I already had this idea in my head. Because whereas I love incredibly easily, I also am incredibly happy. I’ve been told so many times, that I’m always smiling or laughing. I am genuinely happy, I’ve always been. My personality just doesn’t allow me to stay mad or upset for very long. Now, when I say that I don’t mean that I’ve never spent time sulking (because I totally have) but I mean that, yeah I sulked for a while but I was still laughing with my friends. I don’t know a lot of these girls, but I am one of them. I’m just a happy person, I don’t have a “resting bitch face”, and I’m probably incredibly annoying sometimes. I smile and laugh, and that’s just who I am. So here’s to the girl’s who are just naturally happy.

  • Other people will believe you are fake.
    I can not tell y’all how many times I have been called fake because of the fact that I’m smiling. At one point in my life, I was incredibly sad, maybe that caused my happiness. But regardless my happiness isn’t fake and neither is yours. Some people, or a lot of people, will not understand why you are smiling for no reason. Why you are laughing at every joke or why you just can’t be upset about something for longer than a moment.
  • Sometimes, you feel a little crazy.
    This usually happens when everything is going wrong, and yet you still just don’t feel sad or down. Countless times, when I didn’t have money or I had to pay a bill late, or I had an expensive car repair (all my problems revolve around money, apparently), you’d probably think I’d be sad or down, but truthfully I was just happy or maybe content is a better word, but I wasn’t sad. And I remember this one night, I was still in my living room on the floor, bills spread out in front of me, a negative balance in my bank, and a paycheck that was two weeks away, and I remember this night in particular because I wasn’t sad, but I felt crazy because I was almost happy. Just genuinely happy, like life wasn’t too awful. And I felt crazy, can I say that again? I felt crazy but I wasn’t crazy, I was just… happy.
  • There isn’t an off switch, but we all wish there was.
    I know personally that sometimes I wish I could flip a switch and be upset or hold a grudge longer than a few days (or hours if it’s something little). I wish that I didn’t always laugh at every joke or that I wasn’t always smiling. And sometimes, honestly, I was I could have a “resting bitch face” just because then people wouldn’t pick on me (well in middle school). I am a very, incredibly happy person but damn, I wish I knew the secret to being a mellow or content person, but I’m not.
  • People will always ask “why are you smiling so much” and “are you faking it?’
    And man, it never get’s easier to hear. I’m not sure why people actually feel the need to ask, or why it even matters. But nonetheless, this post will not stop them and they will not just stop, it’s weird to them, and they’re curious. So here’s what you do, you look them in the eye, and say: “I’m a happy person.” Because that’s all you need to say. You should never feel embarrassed or confused or upset at the fact that you like to wear a smile, or making others feel your happiness. Ever.

If you’ve ever been told that you “smile too much” or you “laugh when it’s not even necessary”, then I hoped then post helped you. If you read this post and you realized, “crap, I’ve asked these questions before” or “I know someone like this”, then I hope this helped you are well. Comment down below if you agree with anything I said? Did I help any?

Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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