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To The Girls: Who Don’t Know What Love Is

I’m not really sure how I’m fully supposed to talk about this because I’m not really sure what love is either. Sure, I had boyfriends in high school, who I said that I loved. But did I really love them? Would I have ever said to death till us part? I’m not sure. But regardless, since I’m not really sure what love is, this isn’t only to you, but it’s to me as well.

Sometimes, it’s scary.

There is all this pressure to be in love. It’s everywhere and I mean everywhere. You can’t go to the store without seeing a magazine cover about falling in love, or who’s in love. It’s just freaky to think that someone can truly be willing to give someone else their all when you can’t even decide what to have for lunch. It’s such a scary thought.

It’s easier to avoid love than most believe.

Maybe it’s just me, but I know because I’m kind of scared of love, I avoid commitment (which I talked about here) like really I try everything to not have to actually be with a person. I will run the opposite direction, create conflict, or even just quit. This is something I’m known for, I run away from the idea of being “tied down”. I want everything that comes with a relationship but not the titles. It’s weird. But as soon as the guy starts to make a move to be more or even if I start to realize how deep my feelings truly are, man I run. I pack my shit and I get the hell out of there.

It’s hard to explain why you aren’t in love.

This is big. Explaining to other people (especially those who are) why you just haven’t fallen in love, is difficult. At least in my experience it has been. It seems like they just don’t get why you can’t just fall in love with the bimbo on the street (joking), but really. Falling in love is something that I don’t want to just do, but I’m also afraid to allow someone else to really have a full piece of me, and that’s just what people don’t understand. That I’m not willing to just, let it be and be happy.

Your problem isn’t being happy, it’s being sad.

This is defiantly something I worry about. Like, what if I fall in love but he doesn’t fall in love with me or what if he’s just playing me to get into my pants? The what-ifs could go on for days. The thing is, you aren’t afraid of falling in love and being happy, you’re scared of being sad. Because all you ever see around you are girls who fall in love and give themselves to these guys and then when they break up, they’re all heartbroken and sad, and can’t even get out of bed, and that’s an awful thing to see. And then imagine yourself being like.


But, here’s the things.

Falling in love, is a beautiful thing, and eventually, you will find your mr.right but you may kiss a few frogs along the way. And that’s okay funny, do what you got to do, but never let fear rule whether you fall in love or not. Because no one wants to be a miserable old lady. No one.

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Love, Megan Anne
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