Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life | My Reaction!

There are so many emotions, and feelings going on in my head right now and I don’t even know how to process it all. So I didn’t blog social media up with Gilmore Girl because I knew not everyone would want to see that, and that’s perfectly fine. BUT I will write this post because I know enough people will be interested. So let’s just get this started.

  1. So, Paul. What was that even about? I do get the purpose, kind of something to bring them back the beginning but it made Rory seem… easy. I’m not even sure that’s the word but I just didn’t like the way they played that. Oh she’s been dating him for two years, and everyone has met him already but no one remembers him? Really. I just didn’t get that.
  2. Logan freaking Hunstburger. What is this life and why aren’t they really together? So 10 years later, they still aren’t together but oh can they sleep together! What is this? Everyone I’ve ever met that like Gilmore Girls was always team Jess, but I’ve got to say, I was NEVER team Jess. I loved the chemistry between Logan and Rory, I thought they just flowed better. But for a “whole year” or 4 episodes, he’s basically with her but not. They have this amazing relationship but why can’t they be together? I don’t understand this.
  3. Luke and Lorile. Okay, let’s talk about this one. When the show ended 10 years ago, they still hadn’t gotten married BUT they were together. So naturally we all thought that between times they would have gotten married and even had a kid or two. Or at least I did. The fact that they still hadn’t gotten married and then now were talking about kids (well………..) is just crazy to me.
  4. No flashback, they’ve been gone from our lives for 10 years, and yet we see nothing about there lives before the show started again. What was that about? I would have liked to know about Logan and Rory, did they see each other? Did they try and have a relationship and it just didn’t work? What’s up with the girl Logan is marrying? What happened between Paris and Doley? I could go on and on and on for days with questions. But seriously, why no flashback?
  5. Jess. Now I will say, I wasn’t a team Jess once Logan came into the picture, but I don’t like how they played him out to be. He was only apart of the show for what 10 minutes total? What was that about, I mean he was a big part of her life and they just played him down so much! I would have loved to see more of him on the show, seriously! And Dean, pour Dean. So I don’t know about if y’all watch Supernatural, but I do so when I see him on this show, I still want to call him Sam. I do like the tribute style they did to him, placing them in the supermarket, the corn starch, so cute, but again, only five minutes. I wish they would have interacted more!
  6. THOSE LAST THREE WORDS. *Spoiler alert!* “Mom, I’m pregnant.” I can’t breath every thinking about that. So, big question: will there be a season 2? Will we get another year in the life, so only four episodes? Or will we get a new show? What will happen? Will they just leave us with that cliff hanger? I mean really? And another thing, is it Logan’s? Or is it her one night stand’s? The world may never know!

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Love, Megan Anne
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