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Gift Guide For Your BFF // Simple & Budget Friendly

I’m one of those people who really suck at getting gifts like I really suck. I’m not one of those people who can make these great DIY gifts, I don’t plan ahead enough to get cool handmade / customized stuff off Etsy, but what I can do is shop at Target. You’re probably thinking I’m lying but… I’m not y’all. On top of being awful at buying gifts, I’m also on a MEGA budget, like budget life is real. Really freaking real.

So, here is a super simple, super budget friendly gift guide for your bff (saying that your bff is a girl because these are girl gifts):

  1. Coffee Mugs:
  2. Notebooks
  3. Candles!
  4. Simple Home Decor
    1. Okay, here me out. These are not super fancy items, but these are things that they could be painted to change up or any other type of DIY. They’re just basically just plain starts that can look cute without doing anything to them, or with doing something to them.
  5.  Pool Floats!

I know that this is super simple, budget friendly and also not very traditional, but these are really great things to get friends when you don’t really  know what to get them!

These are all from Target and I tried to make sure that you could buy them in store & also online!

Hope y’all enjoyed this!

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Love, Megan Anne

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  • McKayla Butcher

    Great ideas! I would like any of these gifts if they were given to me, especially the cute coffee mugs! (;

    • Megan Anne ❄️

      Yes! Cute coffee mugs are always a must have!

  • Ashley Burnside

    Cute coffee cups are my absolute weakness! I love how feminine those ones look! I have a few little gifts to pick up for bdays and such and will definitely be writing these down. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Megan Anne ❄️

      Yes! I’m always on the look for cute coffee mugs, I tend to find the cute girly ones in the most random ways!

  • I am loving those coffee mugs! AND who doesn’t need a fun float!?

    • Megan Anne ❄️

      Yes! A fun float is a MUST have for the summer!

  • Coffee mugs are always a great gift idea! The ones you picked are adorable!

    • Megan Anne ❄️

      Thanks! The cuter, the better! Also, the most insta worthly they are! 😉

  • Aarika Chilson

    Thanks for all the wonderful gift-giving tips. I love the idea of mugs and journals. Wonderful!

    • Megan Anne ❄️

      My friends are always loving the cute journals!