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February 2017 – Updates, Goals and Round Up!

Wow, so… I feel as though I just wrote this post for January and in truth, I kind of just did! If you’ve been following along on the blog or on any social media, you’ll know that I’ve been having some serious issues with my internet connect and honestly, I’ve been slacking on my blog. But, regardless I am still here to do an update of this past month, and tell y’all that I’m going to do better this month! Seriously, I actually have almost the whole month worth of post ready to go. Also, stay tuned because at the end of March, I have an AMAZING announcement and I’m so excited to share, but it’ll have to wait till then!

So, updates!

Fitness Updates

  • So in my January update, I told y’all that I wasn’t back up to 5 days of working out yet but I was doing 2 – 3 workouts a week. I’m officially at 3 – 4 a week. Usually, the 4th workout is something simple like going for a walk with a friend or walking up and down flights of stairs. Usually something unplanned. I haven’t been doing much “yoga” but I still practice meditating every day. Whether it’s in the morning when I get up, or before bed, it just helps to clean my mind.

Weight / Diet Updates

  • This month was full of back sliding. So, for the most past, I could tell I was losing weight but this past month has been so stressful, honestly I kind of went back to eating junk. I kept telling myself “I’ll start on Monday” or “I’ll meal plan later” and it just never happened. I am currently trying to get back to eating healthier again because I did feel so much better.
  • I am still a Vegetarian but trust me, I can still find the junk that I don’t or shouldn’t be eating. Also, cheese and dairy in general defiantly don’t help with the weight. I want to get back to cooking Monday – Friday, taking my lunch to work every day and drinking more water again, so that’s my goal for this coming month.

Social Media Numbers

  • There were certain goals that I wanted to meet for my social media platforms and these were them:
    • Instagram – 1k by 2018, so 38 – 40 followers per month
    • Twitter – 15k by 2018, so 48 – 50 followers per month
  • What I started out the year with & January numbers:
    • Instagram – 542 followers (Start) – 528 followers (Jan)
    • Twitter – 914 followers (Start) – 996 followers (Jan)
  • What I currently have:
    • Instagram – 647 followers (3/2/2017)
    • Twitter – 1,051 followers (3/2/2017)
  • So, as you can see on Instagram my account went through a serious growth spurt in the past month! I grew over a 100 followers, which was amazing to watch! I followed some old techniques that I had defiantly put to the side and I went through my hashtags and rethought and watched which ones actually worked. One this was posting consistently, so 3 – 4 times a day and also commenting and liking other (basically engaging) with others.
  • Over on twitter we actually hit 1,000 followers are the beginning of the month! It was so freaking cool and every since then, it is just growing like crazy! I grew 56 followers this month! Wow, how cool!

Goal For March

  • Something I didn’t do in January’s post was, go over my goals for the coming months, and I almost thought this should be its own post but when I went to write it, I realized that it wouldn’t be too exciting and probably very short because there really is only a few goals.
    1. I want to start planning out what I’ll be eating for the week on Sundays. I want to be able to know exactly what I’ll be cooking for dinner every night, not having to worry about going to the store in the middle of the week and also to eat better. This sounds to ambitions, but I promise I’m just being over dramatic. I just want to be able to have what I need so I don’t get tempted to eat out during the week. On the weekends, that’s fine.
    2. I want to kick my workouts to 4 times a week. This doesn’t sound hard, I know. But if you know anything about Taurus, you know that we value sleep and sleep are something I don’t get a lot of. But I think that I want to do this, or at least give it shot because I always feel so good when I workout.
    3. I want to get more post published. So, the last 6 months of 2016 I published post-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Well at the beginning of the year I made the decision to start recording videos on YouTube and obviously I dropped the ball on that one this past month. I don’t even think I published anything other than a vlog. Anyways, I want to make sure that I get at least two posts up a week, Monday, and Friday. I do what to try and do a post on Wednesday, but I won’t make that promise just yet.
    4. With the last one being said, I also want to try and get a) more vlogs out, and b) get more recorded, sit down videos up. Not much really on that, other than I would really like to get my YouTube channel established (who wouldn’t?), and start seeing growth on the channel.
    5. Last and no least, with it being the beginning of Spring and the weather is getting so beautiful, I want to try and get outside and explore more. I feel like I spend so much time at home and I use the excuse that it’s because it’s “too cold” or “dark” outside. I want to really start seeing the cities that I live in and near, simple as that!

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What are your goals for this month? Any big plans? Honestly, this month is going to be pretty boring, as far as doing much. I’m going to try and take advantage of the free time and enjoy myself!

Love, Megan Anne

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  1. Congrats on reaching your social media goals! I have just started blogging, but I am pretty proud of where I am in just a few months! Good luck trying to work out 4 times a week! I already have difficulty exercising 2-3 times a week xxx

    Melina |

    1. Thanks! I’ve been working on engagment alot more, I feel like sometimes I just post but when I engage with other, my stats defiantly go up, but it’s also not the most important thing to me. Working out 4 times a week is a pain, but I feel so much better!

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