How To Get Into The Fall Mood When It’s Really Not Fall Outside

There are places in this world that just do not get “fall” in the season and unfortunately, I am currently living in one of those places. As many of you know I do live in Texas, and much like the rest of the south, we don’t really get much of seasons, other than Summer. Which, as many of us know, is really old after awhile. So I am part of the group that says “I’m just not in the mood” because I can’t wear cute flannels or wear skinny jeans or wear fluffy oversized sweaters because I will literally have a heat stroke. Instead, I am still wearing my shorts and sandals and hoping that I may get to wear my cardigan at some point this year.

Today I’m teaming up with Leslie from Leslie Leon to bring y’all some tips on how to get cozy in the fall time when it’s just not very fall-like outside. Go ahead and head on over to her blog after you read these tips to see what she has in store for y’all.

So, how do I get into the Fall mood? How do I go from “YAY SUMMER” to “YAY FALL”? Well, you embrace what you have. So I’m going to be giving y’all some tips on how to get into the Fall mood when it is just not quite fall outside.

  1. Change up your home decor. This doesn’t have to be so hard and you really don’t need to do too much, but maybe take some of your more summer decors and put it up. Grab a cute scarf and put it in a basket and call it a centerpiece. Or get some fake pumpkins from Hobby Lobby (or your craft store) and put them around the house. Get a cute but light, plaid blanket and put it across the sofa. Change little things that will make your home feel cozier because that is really what Fall is all about.
  2. Change what you are cooking & drinking. So personally I like to drink anything caramel like in the fall, I don’t like pumpkin. So I like to buy Carmel Machito creamer and it just gives me the fall feels. I also tend to make more crock pot meals, and more hot dinners verse food that I can eat cold. I also like to keep some candy corn or some Halloween cookies around too much on. My favorite type of fall cookie is snickerdoodle.
  3. Change up your decor colors. So a big color in the fall time is orange and maroon. Obviously not together but they are such cute colors and it can very very nice to wear during the fall season. Even if you are somewhere that is still warmer, just grab a dress in a maroon color or an orange inspired shirt and some shorts. You will look super cute, fall like and also still staying cool while the weather isn’t ready to give us Fall yet.
  4. Make it a point to do some “Fall” activities, so go to a pumpkin patch, try apple picking, take a hayride. Just do those fun Fall things that you would want to do. Now I know personally that there just aren’t many pumpkin patches or apple picking places here but there are always Fall festivals going on. Give google a quick search and you may actually find something to go to and enjoy.

Well there you go, four tips on how to get into that fall-mood when it’s just not fall outside yet. Again, thank you, Leslie, for teaming up with me and I hope that you all enjoy her tips as well. Go ahead and head over there and make sure to let her know which tip you like the best.

What’s the fall weather like where you are?

Love, Megan Anne

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3 thoughts on “How To Get Into The Fall Mood When It’s Really Not Fall Outside”

  1. Super ideas! I wish I had the time to really decorate like my apartments, but once I’m out of college, I definitely will. I love burning my favorites candles and drinking hot chocolate, since I don’t like pumpkin either.

    -xo, Makaela

  2. Not yet Fall here in Southern California, can’t wait for the cold weather to get here. I have started to decorate in Fall inspired decor and like you, I like caramel so much better.

  3. I live in South Carolina and still in the high 80’s. My house… is in th fall mood with this post!

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