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Fall Decor on a Budget + Decorate With Me!

Happy Fall! Yes, it’s officially the first day of fall and I know what you all are thinking “YAY” because me too. I love fall and I am so excited, however, it is still like 90 degrees outside, which isn’t fun and defiantly not fall like. But because summer is officially over I can now go crazy a decorate for fall!

But one thing I really don’t like is spending a ton of money on decor that I will only have up for a few months. I typically don’t like spending a lot of money in general so I love to find cheap ways to make my apartment feel cozy.

So here are a few decor ideas that you could do that will not break the budget!

  1. Jar Full of Pumpkins – now I have had these little pumpkins for a while a now but this is one of my favorite decor ideas. So I got these little pumpkins from Target’s dollar spot, now I have seen these there this year however they were gone so quickly. They were only $3 at Target, I did find some on Amazon but they are a tad more expensive. I would defiantly check out the Target’s dollar spot before buying these online (or you can buy them online because buying online is a tad easier). Here are some similar ones: Plastic Pumpkin For Table Scatter – Yellow & Fall Acrylic Mini Leaves 
  2. Burlap Twine/Ribbon around anything. I love twine and I love burlap, and well I found the perfect way to use both! So this is super simple and really you could go all out with it, but I used it to wrap around the container I use to put my kitchen utensils in. I got this set from Walmart, but you could really get something similar from any craft store. 
  3. Scrap Book Paper Gallery Wall – I have a gallery wall year round but what I better way to really change up a look and feel in an apartment, change out a few pieces in the gallery way and not only do you have cute backgrounds for Instagram photos, but you also have a cute fall like wall. All these pages were from Hobby Lobby, all under 50 cents and then a 40% off coupon. In total, I spent about $3 in total for 5 different papers.
  4. Scarf in a Basket – This is one of those things that I bought without a real reason to buy but then realized it would make a cute table centerpiece. This small wire basket is from Target and it was only $3 and the scarf I already had. You could really use any scarf that is fluffy and fill it into this. Here is a similar one, Wire Storage Basket, but like I said earlier please check out the Target dollar spot, they tend to have amazing and simple stuff there.

So a few tips on how to not spend a lot on fall decor:

  1. Go to Target and go to the Target dollar spot, yes I know that the decor isle is super tempting but you can either spend $100 on 5 items or you can spend $10 on items. I’m picking $10 every single time. The thing with Target dollar spot items that you may have to play it up or remove something you don’t like. But that’s also what makes these items fun and personalized because literally, no will have that exact same thing now.
  2. You don’t have to change a whole to change a whole lot. Get what I’m saying? Just changing up a few little things can really make the vibe of your home different.

Oh, by the way, this is a collaboration with Tayla from Fall For Maine she is doing Fall Decor Under $5!

Go ahead and go over and check out all the ideas she came up with and make sure to let her know which of her items you love!

What is one thing that you loved from this post? Let me know!

Love, Megan Anne

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  • Kristen Jones

    The dollar spot at Target is the perfect place to pick up so many decor goodies! I found a really cute gather sign there to put with my wreath on my front door and it was only like $3!! Love what you did with the wire basket. Also, adding twine to the jar is such a cute idea!

  • Carmen Konecny

    I haven’t shopped at Target in years, I know I use to love it but I had no idea they have a discount section! More than likely will be making the over one hour drive to check it out soon.

  • Faith Avalon

    Good ideas! I absolutely agree with you: grabbing a bargain and then personalizing it for your own home is the best! Thank you for sharing these clever tips!

  • Kristen Raney

    You have no idea how much I miss Target. Please come back to Canada!!!!!! Anyway, I love your ideas, especially the scrapbook paper in frames.

  • Julie

    Love these simple and easy ideas!

  • Abbey Phipps

    I love burlap anything! And it’s perfect for fall! 😍